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by Abby Johnson: ProWoman, ProChild, ProLife

THIS is why I started LoveLine:

Imagine being this woman and having to navigate this mess on her own. (I have changed names and locations for this woman’s confidentiality).


Betty lives in California. Susan is her son’s godmother and lives in Nevada. Betty chose life at Planned Parenthood two years ago. She is now fleeing an abusive husband. She has two small kids and nowhere to go.

Betty has been staying with a family friend for 2 weeks since she fled. She is legally married. She has been without a job for two weeks. Previously, she worked as a housekeeper.

Her son has been diagnosed with autism and is receiving therapy from a local clinic. She stated she will only be able to stay in her current living situation for one more week because there is not much room for her and her children. She called the cops a couple of times when the abuse was going on but she states nothing was done by law enforcement. Because of that, she didn’t even call the next time he beat her.

She does have a car that is under her name but she does not have a driver’s license. She is desperately looking for a place to stay and a job. She is a United States resident and is willing to take any job. She is willing to relocate and she is willing to get any help from any organization she can find.

Nallely (our Loveline case manager) spoke to the YMCA (the closest domestic violence shelter where Betty lives) and they had nothing for her. She spoke to a staff member who stated that they do offer housing but there is a waiting list from 2-3 weeks. She shared Betty’s situation and she offered a homelessness hotline that they also manage that will do an intake, process the situation and then guide her. Susan gave us the name of a shelter in Nevada, but they will only help in-state residents. They gave Nallely a number to contact in In California. So, she contacted a domestic violence advocate by the name of Crystal who said all shelters in the local area are full, and that Betty will have to go into the office and fill out an application. Betty went to the office the next day. She called Nallely after she went in because they were requesting a police report and proof that her son was receiving therapy for his autism.

Susan is willing to fly to her and drive her back to Nevada where she lives.

Lauren, the director of a prolife ministry that Susan works for, has agreed to cover her 1st month’s rent, and they are asking if LoveLive will pay the second month’s rent so that Betty will have time to get a job and get settled. We will also create a registry to fill the house with all necessary items for the family.

So tomorrow, Loveline is flying Susan to Betty’s location and Susan will drive Betty and her children to Nevada in order to help them start their new life free from violence.


Guys, this is what it means to accompany women in this movement. This is what it is to be prolife. It’s messy, it’s sacrificial, it’s hard, it’s frustrating…but seeing a life transformed is MIRACULOUS. We can’t sit on the sidelines and call ourselves prolife. This is pro-love. ❤️

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