Marriage and sex

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Marriage and sex

by Joshua Arnold

We do not have God’s consent to have sex with someone outside of marriage, He does not approve of it in the slightest, no matter how much we believe we love and care about the other person. If we do love and care about a person like that, we are to first express it by making a life long covenant with them and marrying them, not by having sex with them.

And no, we are not married with someone the moment we have sex with them. People who say that do so either out of ignorance or it is because they want to make excuses for their sin. Sex is a covenant blessing, the blessing of a covenant which is made with a person of the opposite sex before God and other witnesses.

Sex is a great blessing designed by God for the glory of God, and it is supposed to point to the pleasure that we are to have for eternity with and in Christ, which is a covenant blessing. We are supposed to trace that pleasure back to its ultimate source, God Himself, and then rejoice that we have a God who desires to bring us so much pleasure forever. Sex is merely a glimpse of that pleasure, a taste of a hint of it, a shadow or type of what is to be had in God for eternity.

There will not be a single person enjoying the never-ending pleasures of God in Heaven and the New Earth who was not in a covenant with Him here, and there should be no one enjoying the exclusive pleasures of a blessed covenant with another human being without actually being in a covenant with them. To do so is to steal what doesn’t belong to us, and treat such a sacred blessing as a common thing unworthy of any serious thought and respect.

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  1. I am SO VERY thankful for God’s forgiveness and mercy! I was once very promiscuous teenager for several reasons! Now that the Good Lord has showed me HIS TRUTH for me I am secure with Him and my marriage! When He opens our eyes we can see the goodness that a Covenant to Him is in EVERY aspect of life!

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