Prayer request

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Prayer request

by Abby Johnson: ProWoman, ProChild, ProLife


We have a LoveLine momma who needs prayer. Not people who will give lip service and say “Oh, I’m praying for you” but who will enforce the victory on her behalf. This is the mother of the baby who was born at 26 weeks that I recently posted about.

Rhiannon has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. This is a blood cancer. In the body, our bone marrow makes stems cells. These hematopoetic stem cells are blood forming cells. Now, the stem cells are immature cells but they form into blood cells. Stem cells constantly divide and produce new cells. We have red blood cells and white blood cells. The red blood cells carry oxygen and iron. The white blood cells are “soldiers” and fight infection and disease.

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia occurs when the DNA of the bone marrow cell is “broken” or has an error. This error communicates to the cell to keep producing rapidly where normally it would stop producing and die. These immature cells (blasts) don’t function properly and they crowd out the healthy cells.

This leukemia is a relapse for Rhiannon. She was previously treated (2 years ago) and it came back. It was discovered one month after she found out she was pregnant with her little son, Xane. He was born last Tuesday a little after 7 PM at 26 weeks. He weighed 2 lbs and 5 oz. He’s currently in the NICU fighting the good fight.

Rhiannon needs a bone marrow transplant to save her life. This will replace the crazy overproducing bone marrow in her body with healthy bone marrow that will function properly. She has been on a med regimen during her pregnancy that was the safest option for Xane’s sake, but she will need treatment to kill the cancer cells so she can receive the bone marrow transplant and her body will make new cells that function properly.

First, she had a donor match that backed out. She then had her siblings tested and no one matched. Be The Match found another donor match – but they are international and Medicaid will not pay for the transplant.

Her son is currently in the NICU 2.5 hours from her home. She has 4 other children at home. She will be away from all of them in order to receive the treatment when there is a donor match. During this time, her family needs help. They need childcare for the two youngest children from 8 AM – 3:30 PM. Rhiannon’s brother Jessie is also in the home. He is an adult and he has Fragile X syndrome.

🙏 If you are a person of faith, and I know most of you are, pray for Rhiannon.
🤱 If you live in Springfield, MO and want to help, email If you know of a church daycare or a childcare provider who will take her children and not tell her there’s a wait, let me know. If you know a nanny, let me know.
💵If you would like to help with her ongoing needs, you can donate to our ministry as we have been providing the practical assistance that the family has needed:
💉 Sign up to be a bone marrow donor at Be The Match here:

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  1. How is this mom and baby?


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