Things I have read on the internet – 93

My latest list of good internet articles.


Why Sexual Morality May be Far More Important than You Ever Thought

John Crist and the Greater Global Sexual Crisis

Praying for Abortionists and Those in the Abortion Industry Makes an Eternal Difference

Australia’s Apocalyptic Fires Caused by Bad Land Management and Arsonists, Not “Climate Change”

Women Won’t Be Liberated Until We’re Free From Abortion

Opinion: Ilhan Omar unintentionally made a perfect case against abortion

Should I Use My Trans Neighbor’s Preferred Pronoun?

A detransitioner in agony recounts how gender doctors manipulated him into castration, hormones

Free Speech and Question Evolution Day

Feminist prof who practices occult calls for human extinction to save planet

Astral Beings and Aliens

Evolution Tested

Why Evolutionists Refuse to Admit They Are Wrong

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