Spending money

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Spending money

by Ken Ham

The amount of money (hundreds of millions of dollars) already spent on the US 2020 elections, and what will be spent, makes the amount spent on building the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum pale in comparison.

Yet, secular media, atheist groups, and others attacked the Ark and Creation Museum attractions claiming the money should have been spent on the poor, etc. They have no such interest in helping the poor. They’re not out there making such statements about the dollars spent on the elections.

In fact, the secular media gloats over how much money various politicians raise for their campaigns. It’s just a reminder that their hypocritical statements about the Ark and the Creation Museum were simply because of the prejudice against and intolerance of the Christian message.

Secularists are livid that these Christian attractions enable the message of God’s Word to be proclaimed to millions in unique ways—they are like little children throwing tantrums when they see anything Christian impacting people’s lives. They can’t stand it because this is a spiritual issue. They hate God and hate his Word and so exhibit extreme prejudice and intolerance regarding Christianity.

We need to pray for these lost people!

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