Gender education

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Gender education

by Levi Smith

I never thought in a million years I would have to teach lessons like I taught tonight.

The first piece of identity artwork that God gave you was your gender. Seven weeks into your gestation, God released chemicals within your little embryonic body and laid the foundation of your physical being, allowing you to became a little girl or little boy.

This is precisely the reason Satan and the world are working overtime on redefining genders and sexuality. He is aggressively digging at the foundation of our very being as humans. And, as Scripture states, if the foundations be destroyed, who can stand?

I preached on gender and sexual identity tonight in teen class. You could feel the oppression in the room. The devil wants to reprogram us and destroy who God made us to be.

Don’t let his fake Instagram pages, Planned Parenthood pamphlets, enlightened blogs and magazines tell you otherwise.

Pray for this next generation. They are facing stuff we as adults never dreamed we would face.

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  1. There is a boy who is now known as Jazz Jennings whose parents have paid for and allowed this boy (now a young man) to have surgeries giving him “girl parts”… I keep calling him a him because God created him as a him. Can you imagine the despair this now young man is going to go through when he’s sorry he did this! What about these “whatever makes my child happy” parents 😢

    As shocked as we are God knew this would happen!
    Prayers for this you her generation that at least some of them will come to the knowledge of God our Creator and Jesus our SAVIOUR for their SOLID FOUNDATION!
    Thank GOD for His grave and mecry!!!

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  2. Did you know that Planned Parenthood, in addition to funding abortions, also helps people change their gender?


  3. I’m not a geneticist, but I suspect that no matter what kind of treatments/mutilations a person goes through, the DNA in each cell will still confirm that the gender remains what it was at birth.


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