Songs of Ascent

Psalms 120 to 134 are called Songs of Ascent.  They were sung by pilgrims going to Jerusalem for the three annual feasts they were required to attend.  They also present a picture of the pilgrimage each believer must experience in this life.

Psalm 120

This psalm represents the beginning of our journey.  We recognize our sinfulness and that of the world we are living in and pray to God for deliverance.

Psalm 121

As our faith grows we take our attention off of the world around us and focus on God.  Our circumstances may not have changed but they no longer bother us because of our faith.

Psalm 122

The thoughts of the Jews were centered on Jerusalem, their destination.  Our thoughts need to be centered on our destination, the heavenly Jerusalem.  We must put its interests ahead of our own.

Psalm 123

We are called to a life of service to God.  We need to always be alert to what he wants us to do.

Psalm 124

We are constantly under attack by God’s enemies.  He will protect us and help us escape from them.

Psalm 125

As the mountains surround and protect Jerusalem, we are surrounded and protected by God.

Psalm 126

We are often sorrowful now but this will lead to rejoicing in the future.

Psalm 127

By  ourselves we can accomplish nothing.  We must have God’s help in order to succeed in anything.

Psalm 128

If we fear God we can be sure that our future will be blessed.

Psalm 129

We might have to endure persecution now.  A time is coming when our persecutors will be repaid for what they are doing.

Psalm 130

Our sins are great but God’s grace is greater.  We must be patient and wait for God to deliver us from this sin-filled existence.

Psalm 131

We need to stop relying on our own knowledge and adopt the kind of faith a little child has.

Psalm 132

David’s zeal to make a place for the ark is an example we should follow in our service to God.  God rewarded David by promising that his throne would endure forever.  He will reward us if we obey as faithfully as David did.

Psalm 133

We will experience close fellowship with other believers.

Psalm 134

The end of our pilgrimage.  We will spend eternity in God’s presence worshiping him and being blessed by him.

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