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by Wally Fry

Friends…hi. I’m probably going to start a fight here, but this is on my heart and I have to let it out. This is not a copy and paste; this is all mine. First, I support national security and defense as much as anybody. I don’t want our country flooded with criminals and terrorists any more than anybody. Seriously, I understand the need for security. But…but..but.

Maybe the level of rhetoric and seeming hatred we have towards immigrants isn’t exactly as Christian as we like to think it is. Just ponder these thoughts briefly.

When we justify hating and even mistreatment of folks trying to come over and say, “Well they are here illegally!”, we might remember that we were all lawbreakers ourselves, yet Jesus saved us. He never told the Father, “Why send me, they are all illegal!”

Many of these people are fleeing despair, crime, and hopelessness in their countries. We tend to be quick to say, “Well, it’s not our fault they live in crummy countries.” What if Jesus had said to the Father, “Hey, it’s not my fault they live in a sin-filled world, they did that themselves. Don’t send me!”

As I CLEARLY said, I am all for security and safety in our country as a citizen of it. But maybe, just maybe, our duties as citizens and those as Christians need to be checked to make sure the two are in sync.

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