Christian parenting

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Christian parenting

by Rachel Jankovic

⭐️There are few things as tangled and unattractive as bad ideas about identity when it meets parenthood.

⭐️Part of the reason that a solid theology of Christian identity is so important is that you are then equipped to view the obstacles within each phase of life in true context. You know who you are, and you know Who you serve. It’s amazing how much this clears up!

⭐️When a Christian parent serves and cares for their child, they do so because it pleases….(not themselves, not the child, not onlookers at church) but God. We love our children for His glory. We give up our bodies for His glory. We are made into a new kind of a person because it PLEASES GOD and it glorifies Him.

⭐️Those things which I sacrificed for my children were not left on an altar to my children. They were offered freely to the One who gave it to me freely- my Father God. All of my service to them has been in service to Him.

⭐️One wonderful freedom in this is that we teach our kids the exact same thing. You must thank mom (not because I need you to or I will cry, not because this is an emotional manipulation time, not because I have given so much of my time to you and what have you ever done for me…) but because that honors God. You obey God in honoring your mother and father. You are to obey God in not being an entitled nincompoop. Obey God, and cheerfully say “thanks, mom!” When your child obeys in this situation – it is an offering to God and not to you. They are not your little worshippers and that is not a goal you should have.

⭐️It is very important in the Christian parenting life to have these things straight. Your kids are not here to serve your feelings, but to serve God. You are not to be training them up in how to make you feel good, but rather in how to honor God.

⭐️It’s amazing how quickly taking your children’s sins personally will escalate into misery. Turns out, it really isn’t all about you. You aren’t trying to get the glory you think is due you from your children. You are trying to bring them along with you as you glorify God together. And you know what? That actually is super rewarding.

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