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by Moira Greyland Peat

I am a child of gays and lesbians, and I have firsthand knowledge of gay “relationships,” polyamorous “relationships” and the absurdity which pretends to be “parenting” which results from all these tragic situations.

Once my gay father went to prison for molesting boys, I began doing research on gayness by reading the work of Jeffrey Satinover, beginning with his excellent work “Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth.” These are my conclusions based on my observations and study:

Homosexuality and gender dysphoria are mental illnesses. They both appeared in standard DSM psychiatric manuals until there was a tremendous movement among gay activists to have these issues redefined, as if calling a dog’s tail a leg would give it a paw and three joints.

But fundamentally, believing one is the wrong sex is a delusion, a body image related delusion, just like anorexia is a delusion, or more recently, believing one is an animal, or that one “should be” blind or maimed.

Homosexuality often amounts to severe sexual addiction, which is why only 4% of gay “married” men are faithful to their partners, and why there is more severe and frequent sexual abuse in lesbian relationships than in any other demographic.

All of these situations are the result of injury, and instead of treating them as symptoms of injury, they are being vaunted as “lifestyles.”

“Stigma” is held up as “The Problem,” rather than understanding that recognizing an injury or an illness is adaptive. Pretending an illness or an injury is normal traps the sufferer into suffering, which ironically harms the sufferer, who is now given no alternative to their suffering.

Many people have left both gayness and trans, and gone on to live much happier lives. However, the actual stigma and hate is not leveled on gay people, but on EX-GAY PEOPLE.

I sincerely doubt anyone alive today has ever known anyone in our country who has seriously tried to harm a gay person for being gay. But I personally know ex-gays who regularly receive hate mail for having left homosexuality, and ditto for ex-trans.


Because leaving homosexuality and trans means they CAN BE LEFT, and that means there is no purpose to the daily hell of remaining gay or trans, and that is an intolerable fact for current gay people to endure.

Worse, leaving gay and trans demonstrates that they are beliefs and behavior, not biology.

Some of the ex-gays and ex-trans I know left because of their faith in God, and others simply left. Two of the people in my immediate family who abandoned homosexuality simply decided they wanted a different life.

My stepmother Lisa got a boyfriend while my mother was still living, and she married him right after my mother died. My uncle’s second longterm boytoy Bagel just decided he wanted to marry a woman and have a family, once he became an adult.

My friend Joel was over 300 lbs and living in a wheelchair the last time I saw him at a science fiction convention. He was planning full trans surgery, both top and bottom. We stayed in touch, and he told me he had become Mormon.

Oh, we went rounds about that. But God reaches us in different ways, and since he had come from Scientology, which was a very strict system, Mormonism offered an equally strict structure.

When he became Mormon and began talking to God, he realized he really was a man, and he canceled his surgery. He took up ballroom dancing, lost over 100 lbs, and married a nice Mormon girl.

Since then, I have met many other people who have left gay and trans, and their stories are varied, both religious and not. But the outlines of their stories all are reminiscent of those who leave alcoholism and drug addiction. Some end up with a horror of their former behavior, and some occasionally contemplate falling off the wagon, but understand doing so to be misery, not “Being Who They Really Are.

On the contrary, all the ex-gays and ex-trans I know have told me they only really discovered who they were AFTER they left their symptoms behind.

As a child of gays and lesbians, I was under very significant and blatant pressure to be gay, as were my brothers. My time as a lesbian during my teens was miserable, and I finally came out to my parents as straight when I was eighteen. She was incensed, and my father was furious. After all, my being gay would have “proven” that gayness was “hereditary.”

And we won’t even talk about HOW they tried to get both my brothers and me to be gay.

For more on my story, you can read my book, The Last Closet.

Marion Zimmer Bradley was a best-selling science fiction author, a feminist icon, and was awarded the World Fantasy Award for lifetime achievement. She was best known for the Arthurian fiction novel The Mists of Avalon and for her very popular Darkover series. She was also a monster. The Last Clo…
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Marion Zimmer Bradley was a best-selling science fiction author, a feminist icon, and was awarded the World Fantasy Award for lifetime achievement. She was best known for the Arthurian fiction novel The Mists of Avalon and for her very popular Darkover series. She was also a monster.

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