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by Zach Whitsel

My oldest child is only ten years old but I’m already beginning to see teenage style attitudes forming in her. She gives herself a lot of credit for how much she think she knows. While I admire her confidence, I have to make sure the knowledge she is leaning on is truth. Her and I got to have a pretty in-depth conversation on the way home from town tonight about the purpose behind my rules and my consequences. I explained to her that she may not like the boundaries but that the boundaries were for her own good. I hope that as a father I am a great example of the mercy and grace that our heavenly Father shows us. If I have learned one thing as a dad, though, it is that mercy and grace are not good excuses for disobedience.

For a long time now I have been concerned with the grace culture that I see in modern Christianity. I came up around old fashioned legalism where you had to work hard to earn love from God. That teaching is rotten and toxic because God’s love is free and without conditions. However, the notion that God would adopt us as children and then not care how we behave is also ludicrous. A dad’s rules are a proof of his love. What kind of father sees the consequences ahead and makes no attempt to guide his children around them? King David said people who possessed peace had it because they loved God’s law. This shallow grace culture has a New Testament full of rules that they aren’t even bothering to learn, and their lives are hard because of it. There’s something Christians need to understand…

Just because you don’t know God‘s rules doesn’t mean you wont face the natural consequences that come from disobeying them.

Victim mindsets are produced by people who can’t take responsibility for their own actions. Damaged relationships are the byproducts of selfishness and dishonesty. Sex outside of marriage can wreck emotions, produce jealousy in future relationships, and bring children into the world who grow up in unstable homes. Leaning on substances instead of God cripples our minds and walks us in circles. Hatred for anyone can actually ruin our physical health. Idolatry of any kind makes us slaves to activities that literally waste our lives. God wrote rules to keep His children safe from all of this! His grace is amazing because of His guidance. Don’t ever forget that.

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