Clear your cache

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Clear your cache

by Kaeley Triller Harms

It’s an official snow day here in Coeur d’ Alene, which means there is a LOT of snow on the ground.

It also means that my beautiful, precious, angelic children have been stuck inside with me all day as I struggle to keep them occupied long enough to get some of my work done. Netflix and Ramen have been heavily featured in this game plan. Don’t judge.

In any case, to the ever inspiring background noise of “Mom, I can’t find the remote!” and, “He’s not letting me have enough room on the couch!” I have spent the last couple of hours trying in vain to update a header on a website I help moderate.

It wasn’t working. At all. For two hours. I watched YouTube tutorials, read FAQ blogs, tried my hand at coding, and begged, pleaded, and groveled with my laptop to behave. To no avail. I could see the image in the draft of the page, but no matter what I did, it would not appear on the front end of the site.

I was about ready to drop kick my computer when I stumbled upon a comment in a blog dedicated to this topic: “Clear your cache.” it read.

I realize that cache clearing is like step #3 (right after “plug it in” and “restart the device”) when it comes to navigating all internet related problems, but ya know, it’s a snow day, and the thought just didn’t occur.

For those who may be reading this without any kind of understanding of what a cache even is, basically, it’s stored website data that helps a program or device work faster the next time it attempts to access the same information. When you don’t clear it often enough, it can function much like an unsolicited autocorrect in a text message- populating your message with information you don’t actually want or that doesn’t actually help you get where you’re trying to go. A cache assumes that yesterday’s information is going to be relevant to you in seemingly related searches today.

So as I sat here marveling at the simplicity of this little fix, I was struck by a very cheesy (but still relevant) life lesson: We need to clear our collective caches in the context of human relationships, too.

Whether it’s trauma, a bad experience with a particular group of people or political party, or subject matter, it’s really stinking easy to prevent necessary forward motion and growth by trying to apply yesterday’s information to today’s need. If we don’t work to unclutter our databanks from time to time, we impair our ability to approach new conversations with fresh eyes and energy.

The header is now working on our website, in case you were wondering.

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