Wallowing in sin

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Wallowing in sin

by Joshua Arnold

I can’t count how many Christians fall into sin and sit and wallow in it miserably, and end up sinfully discouraging themselves in their walk, which stops them of their strength and puts them off of their Christian duties, simply because they limit the grace of God. They say they don’t limit His grace, but in moments they prove otherwise when they sink in total discouragement. There is this habit they have of putting themselves back under the Law in terms of being right with God, and they condemn themselves, forgetting that there is now no more condemnation for those in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1).

They end up entangling their souls by limiting the extent of the love and grace of God, which in large part is due to their muddled or weak understanding God’s grace. Grace reigns supreme in a Christian’s life, but it is as though these Christians sometimes refuse to believe that God is as forgiving as He says He is. They allow their feelings and imagination overcome them. They act as though God reluctantly forgives people with this sort of unwilling willingness, as if He loses glory by forgiving people, and has no pleasure in it.

They rather sit and whine and focus on all their failings instead of the victory and love of the Lord Jesus Christ. They don’t understand that they steal glory from God when they do this. All true Christian’s hate sin, but wallowing in filth is what a pig does. We are not pigs. We are the Lord vessels of mercy.

When a child of His sins, He is not looking on them with disgust, He is looking on them with great, great pity, like the way a loving mother pities her crippled or blind child. And when you return to Him, He is not seeking to shame you. He is like the prodigal Son’s dad who ran out, gave the best robe, and prepared an excellent feast. He is like a shepherd who pulls his strayed sheep out of a hole, and puts it on his neck with a huge smile on his face.

He is not like men who are reluctant to forgive and have a difficult time loving those who did them wrong. His thoughts are infinitely above and more glorious than our thoughts. He has made so many promises to encourage us to come to Him even after the most disgusting and longest backsliding. He has even made it a command in order to prove that He takes great pleasure in forgiving.

If we have sinned, we can hate it all we want, and we should, but we should hate it as we are walking to the God we love. If you want to show how much you hate sin, turn from it and love God. He has promised to forgive and cleanse you in His time. Turn to Him right now, and if you fall again, nothing has changed, He still remembers that you are dust. His love for you has not changed.

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