False labels

When we buy boxes and cans of products in the store we know what we are buying because of the labels on them.  We can rely on these labels to tell us what is in the containers because there are laws requiring that labels give accurate information.

But there are times when we can’t rely on labels.  Groups of people who are trying to promote some belief often give themselves names that don’t accurately show who they are.  One example of this is found in the debate about abortion.  Those who believe abortion is wrong and are trying to end it call themselves prolife.  Those who favor abortion and believe it should be permitted say they are prochoice.  How accurate are these labels?

Those who are prolife believe that everyone has a right to life, and that right extends even to unborn babies.  It seems to me that they are telling the truth when they say they are prolife.

Supporters of abortion call themselves prochoice because they think that any pregnant woman has the right to choose whether she will give birth to her baby.  But what about the rights of the baby?  Doesn’t he have a right to be born so he can make choices?  A woman who aborts her baby is exercising a choice but she is denying her child the right to ever choose anything for himself.  Only a living person can choose anything so in reality it is the prolife people who are prochoice.

We can’t stop anyone from calling themselves whatever they choose, but we can and should refuse to use the false labels they apply to themselves.  When speaking of the sides on the abortion issue we should always call them prolife and proabortion rather than prolife and prochoice.

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