Blaming guns

Here is something I read on Facebook.  I have also included one of the comments that was made to this post.

Blaming guns

by Levi Smith

Here is a fact:
You are an utter fool if you think taking guns away will solve the violence problem.

I try not to be too pointed on here, but this calls for pointedness:

An innocent man got murdered on live stream in front of his friends today while exercising his religious freedom. Two years ago, a gunman murdered over 25 people at point blank range, including women and children.

Both of the gunmen were stopped by other men with guns.

Here was the difference: some men had virtue, other men did not.

But liberals want to call it a gun problem? Progressive liberals keep pushing their insane agendas and it keeps getting people killed. They want to blame objects instead of taking personal responsibility for things. They are massive children caught in grown up bodies.

The fact of the matter is that progressive liberals have shoved God out of this country, and it’s leaving us exposed.

Men like Governor Northam, who believe that babies can be left to die after birth, are trying to take guns away from law abiding citizens. Hard working people are getting their businesses taken from them. Cities are collapsing. Society is divided. Race fires burn bright. Babies blood cried from the ground.

Thank you, progressive liberals. Satan has accepted his invitation to kill, steal and destroy even more.

Thank God for quick-thinking, brave volunteers at that Texan church today. Thank God for brave police officers and first responders. Thank God for Christians standing against the insanity of this pagan tide washing against our country.

Keep blaming objects. It’s too hard to look in the mirror.


3 types of people in that congregation
1. Sheep- those unarmed
2. Sheep dogs- those armed
3. A lone wolf- the bad guy
You choose which you will be. I for one will always choose to be the sheep dog. I never want to be at the mercy of someone else protecting me or my family ahead of me. We live in a country where we still have the freedom to arm ourselves and be a sheep dog. Get trained and get armed. – Randy

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  1. If “blaming objects” is valid, then we would have to ban knives, ropes, fertilizer, gasoline, matches, syringes, opened windows in skyscrapers, cars, etc. The problem of murder traces back to corruption (a.k.a. “SIN”) in the human heart. I only know of one solution to that problem, and His name is Jesus.

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  2. It can, and it does. So sad…

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