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by Levi Smith

Recently, a well-known pastor was charged and arrested for abusing a minor. The storyline and reaction to this news brings a few thoughts to mind. Respectfully, Id like to share some of them…

1. Take heed lest you fall.
The moment we think we are above falling is the moment we are on the slickest ground. Be humble. Be sober. Be wise.

2. The defense of abusers is embarrassing.
To use Bible stories to defend men and women who abuse minors is not just disrespectful, it’s inappropriate and cowardly.

3. Prayers for grace and restoration should be offered up for all parties involved in situations like these.
Our hearts should yearn for healing to come upon the offender and the offended of *every* situation.

4. Not all churches and Pastors are bad.
The devil would have you believe that all shepherds abuse their sheep and all churches hide illegalities. That is simply not true. There are far more phenomenal, biblical churches and Pastors than bad ones. Not all Baptists are bad. Not all Christians are bad. It is ignorant to assume all people are bad because of some people.

5. Harboring abusers is not biblical. It’s sinful.
The Bible tells us plainly not to fellowship with people given to sexual sins. It doesn’t matter how many memes or verses you post out of context.

6. Covering sin to save face always disfigures and destroys.
The Bible tells us explicitly not to cover sins. It will always find its way to the surface.

7. Be careful not to worship your Pastor.
Growing up and living my whole life in very conservative circles, I have seen something very dangerous: conservative Christians tend to place their preachers in the same place Catholics place their Pope. Don’t worship men. They can’t handle that pressure.

8. Love the broken and abused.
The Kingdom of Heaven is rife with stories of healing, salvation, compassion, listening and restoration. Be the hands, feet and ears of Jesus. Love those who have been broken.

9. We should hate pride.
Pride is a silent, nasty, greedy, filthy master. We should loathe it and starve ourselves of it. It always leads to lofty altitudes in which we cannot breathe or survive.

10. Pray for your brothers and sisters.
They are being hunted day and night. Pray for them constantly.

11. If you see or know something, say something.
If there is abuse happening to you or someone close to you, report it to the correct authorities. Abuse must be dealt with head on. It will only grow worse if not handled correctly.

These thoughts aren’t all encompassing. Please keep in mind that social media and blogs do not lend themselves to expressing absolutely everything.

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