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by Kaeley Triller Harms

I know at this rate that Trump bashing could be an Olympic sport and that the man could read the Emancipation Proclamation and still be accused of doing it wrong and killing children in the process. Hyperbole and hysteria rule the rhetoric of the day.

I get that Trump derangement syndrome is alive and well and should be resisted. We should call balls and strikes as he throws them.

BUT, Trump idolatry is a real thing, too, and it should also be resisted. If you find yourself:

* comparing him to Jesus
* whitewashing objectively wicked comments/actions by pointing fingers and saying, “but the other side is worse, so it’s okay”
* deciding that people you previously respected are actually dangerous because they dare to express sincere concerns about his actions
* lecturing people in all capital letters on the internet, and questioning the legitimacy of their faith the minute they challenge you
* calling for Christian journalists and figureheads to be fired if they publicly critique Trump…

You might want to check your heart. “Put no confidence in princes.” He’s just a man.

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