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by Zach Whitsel

Last night I gave the kids about thirty minutes extra of reading time before bed. I didn’t tell them I was doing it, I just did it. When I went upstairs to pray with them, Hadli asked me for extra time. “I’m almost finished with this chapter,” she told me. “Actually, I already gave you a lot of extra time,” I answered. “But I only have this much left in the chapter,” she said showing me the book. I reminded her that the next day was a school day and that it was already late. She was disappointed.

She got thirty minutes more than she usually gets, and she was disappointed. Why? Because in spite of the good that she had received, her focus was still on what she didn’t have. The disappointment she felt was very real. She had something that she wanted that she didn’t get. The feeling wasn’t well founded, though. Her disappointment was based on her belief that she had been shorted. She was believing a lie but that lie was causing some very real feelings.

Negativity is a smooth liar. Once our minds embrace it, our emotions enhance it because we actually enjoy the attention we give ourselves when we are self-sympathizing. “Nothing is going right for me today,” I’ve heard my children say before. “Let me get this straight,” I’ve often responded. “You’re standing in front of me breathing air in and out of good lungs, standing on good legs, looking at me with good eyes, and listening to me with good ears, and NOTHING has gone right for you?” Thirty-six percent of the entire world lives in poverty. And when I say poverty I mean dirt floors, open windows, and no good medicine. You know, the kind you wish you had when you are having to pull your own tooth? We live insanely blessed lives here in the USA. However, we live focused on things we don’t have, and we feel very real disappointment about our lives. Why? Because we believe things that aren’t true.

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  1. I’m still wrapping my mind around the fact that your kids READ before bed. 😉
    I guess it’s human nature to focus on what we DON’T have, but it certainly doesn’t help that there is a multibillion dollar industry (advertising) whose purpose is to cause people to desire things they not only don’t have but often didn’t even know existed.
    (For a pathetic example in my own life, you can read “The Vanity of Vanity,” which I posted October 14.)

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  2. Thank you for the reminder, Clyde. May God put it on our hearts to share those many blessings w/ others.

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