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by Laura Fairhaven

Gospel Ministry at Preterm 11/22/19:

It was bittersweet to be back on the sidewalk after a three week absence due to illness. When I arrived, I noticed that there were three clinic escorts, a.k.a. deathscorts, who try to discourage mothers from coming to talk with us. Dale said they showed up the first week I was out and have been there since.

When cars pulled in, the deathscorts rushed to them and surrounded the mothers until they reached the door. We watched this over and over as we called out to them. Two encounters in particular stand out.

The first young mother walked over to us, even as the deathscorts encouraged her to just go inside. She confirmed she was there for abortion, so we offered to discuss her situation and find the help she needs. We showed her the picture of the 10 week preborn baby and the reality of what abortion does. We shared God’s word with her. She continued listening and seemed really to be considering our words; but then the female security guard walked over, put her arm around the mother, and turned and walked her inside. We were devastated. It was like watching Satan snatch away the seed that was being sown on rocky ground as in the parable of the sower.

Another woman pulled in with two children in the car who looked to be about 8 and 10. The deathscorts rushed to the car to walk them in. She looked a little older, so we didn’t know if she was there for herself or someone else. We called to her, but they all went inside. We knew the children would not be allowed to go in, and sure enough, they were brought back outside to stand in the cold with the deathscorts. Austin addressed them and explained the Gospel to them, and encouraged them to turn to Christ. A little while later, she came out; and the deathscorts walked them to the car. They stood and talked for a while, as we continued to call out to her. One of the deathscorts hugged her; and then the woman turned and started walking towards us. The deathscorts tried to talk her out of it, but she said she was ok and wanted to talk to us. She came to Austin and me and said that she had had an abortion here in the past and her adult son died recently. She felt that was God’s punishment for killing her child by abortion. She was burdened with guilt, which we could see in her eyes and hear it in her voice and words. We were able to talk with her and let her know how she could find forgiveness in Christ. V thought she might be pregnant, and was at Preterm for a pregnancy test, but they couldn’t get her in until 2:30pm. She said she would never consider abortion, but we warned her about doing business with a place that murders babies and gave her the information for a pregnancy center in her neighborhood, along with our ministry packet, and a tract that describes how you can be forgiven after the sin of abortion. I also gave her my phone number. The crazy thing about this is V is 62!! While she could be pregnant, I guess, it is more likely that God brought her to us so she could hear the Gospel and know that forgiveness, healing, and peace is available in Christ alone. Please pray for V.

While the deathscorts make things more difficult, they are also an encouragement in that we must be affecting the mothers that come in to change their minds. They wouldn’t bother having them if we weren’t. The deathscorts are also a captive audience to hear the Gospel the whole time we are there. There were 6 total for the day, as some came later. Please pray for these women. I believe some of them think they are really helping women. Five of them were young, and one looked to be in her 50s or 60s.

There were probably 30 or so women who came while we were there, and many more were coming as we left.

Please pray for:
– those who heard the word of God.
– the mothers and fathers to repent and turn to Christ lest they experience God’s wrath for murdering their children.
– those of us on the sidewalk for health, strength, compassion, safety.

Proverbs 24:11 – Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.

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