Boys in girls’ locker rooms

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Boys in girls’ locker rooms

by Hands Across the Aisle

“As I argued in my piece, only the most deranged sorts of people could possibly watch that footage and feel sympathy for the boy over the girl. All sane and decent people understand that girls deserve privacy and protection when they are getting changed and using the bathroom. Am I implying that everyone on the opposite side from me on this issue lacks sanity and decency? Yes, I certainly am. I will go even further and say that what they support is abject evil, and they are without excuse. There is no good argument for allowing boys into the girls locker room. There is no compelling reason for such a policy. All of the good arguments and compelling reasons belong to the side that seeks to protect young girls from this kind of abuse.

“As my piece on this case has gotten a big reaction and been widely circulated, I’ve heard from a number of students at the school. They tell me that the environment has been tense and awkward, and many of the girls are now fearful about their lack of privacy and security. These messages raise an important question: Why the hell are the students even attending class at all?”

WALSH: A School Allows Boys Into The Girls Room. Parents Object But Still Send Their Kids To Class. This Is The Problem.

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  1. It’s not just the girls who are upset about this nonsense. There are boys who are upset, too. I read recently about a young man who didn’t want to see a naked female body until it was his wife. But a girl, who decided she was a boy that day, came in to use the boy’s locker room and ruined that for him. When his mother complained to the school authorities, the only response she received was to be “corrected” on the pronoun she used for the girl. God help us.

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