Biological males in women’s sports

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Biological males in women’s sports

by  Emily Kaht

Last weekend, I completed my third full marathon at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. For the first time, I used running as a protest. The whole marathon, I carried a flag protesting the inclusion of biological males in women’s sports. As my flag says, a woman is an adult human female. Period. A male who “identifies” as a woman is not a woman. A male without a penis is not a woman. A male with lowered testosterone is not a woman. There is no compromise here. Permitting males to compete in women’s sports is unfair and has already stripped numerous girls/women of their rightful spots on the podium.

When I told my family what I intended to do with this race, they supported the idea, but knowing the effort it would take, tried to convince me to scale it back. “Running with that thing is seriously going to slow you down.” “Why don’t you get a smaller flag?” “You should just walk around with it before and after the race. We’ll hold onto it for you while you run.” “How about we hand it off to you a few miles before the end so you can just cross the finish line with it?”

While I appreciated their concern, I was determined to do this. If I only cared about the words, I could have printed them on a T-shirt and run in that, which would have cost me no extra effort while running. But the sacrifice is the point. I feel strongly enough about this issue that I carried a flag almost as big as I am for the duration of an entire marathon (plus the roughly 140 miles I carried it for training). I want to send the message that we will not be silenced, and we will not accept being told that we’re not allowed to want to win our own sports.

So this is for all female athletes – past, present, and future. It’s for the women who fought to be allowed to run marathons at all. It’s for the literal children currently fighting for fair competitions (two high schoolers in Connecticut have had to take legal action because of two transgender male runners who keep placing first and second in state meets and setting new “girls” records). It’s for female athletes who are being told it’s bigotry to point out the biological differences between the sexes. And it’s for future female athletes of all sports. We all deserve a fair playing field, and we shouldn’t be afraid to demand it.

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  1. I totally agree! Two of my granddaughters run competitively and I would hate it if they had to compete with a male runner. God made us different for a reason!

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  2. AMEN. A woman is an adult whose DNA says “female.”

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  3. Amen, precious thaughts about what truth is!
    And what man and woman is!
    What a difference to some popular “Churches of the Comfortable and Tolerant”, denying absolute truth as well as true biological gender!
    Let’s keep on as faithful servants proclaiming THE truth (Joh 14:6)!

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