Dealing with critics

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Dealing with critics

by Zach Whitsel

Since Kanye West came out as a Christian, I have not seen one single negative post about him here on Facebook. You know what that tells me?

I’ve been extremely efficient at unfollowing critics.

When a controversial figure claims to have found faith, we don’t have to throw our support blindly behind that person. We are authorized by God to judge righteously and to beware of false teachers. Skepticism is ok. When lost people get saved, though, we also have to keep in mind that it can take years for them to develop into mature Christians. They can tend to do some pretty goofy stuff in the baby stages of faith. Just like you and I did. If God can wink at that stuff, we can, too.

What we don’t have any business doing is pretending to have divine insight into the heart of another person. I unfollow people who make a habit of doing that sort of thing because, if I see them do that to one person, I know they are likely to do it to me as well. They are toxic for your spiritual health because they will either draw you into contention or they will draw you into arrogance and elitism just like them. I know it must feel good to believe you are one of God’s favorites. It’s a lie, though. The best thing you can do is stop giving those people your eyes and ears. Cynicism is built on supposition, not truth. Don’t ever forget that.


Here are two of the comments that were made on this post.

Bob Pawson  Many of us have been praying for REVIVAL for years.
The Lord works in mysterious ways. He often chooses or calls The Most Unlikely of People to implement His plans and purposes.
That often irritates, annoys– and even offends — the “religious” crowd.
◙ Examples: He chose a shepherd boy with a slingshot. A prisoner in an Egyptian jail. A stuttering murderer by a burning bush. A virgin who was pregnant before her wedding. Fishermen mending their nets. A Pharisee among Pharisees who persecuted Christians unto death.
◙ There are modern-day examples as well, such as: An unexpected winner of an election. A celebrity rap music artist.
Pray. Ponder. Pray some more. Pray for REVIVAL.
✔️ It would be a shame to miss out on a REVIVAL — just because we don’t approve of how God packages and delivers it to us. <IXOYE><
P.S. Something to Keep in Mind: Speaking of “Most Unlikely People” — The Lord who chose THEM— also chose YOU and ME. Oh, happy day!


Chad Noles I still don’t like his music just a personal preference but the man turned his life around immediately put out a Christian album and the amount of hate that he’s been getting from the church is absolutely ridiculous and it really kind of saddens me to see that fellow Christians are out here attacking someone who handed their life over to Christ.  The only difference between us and him is he’s a celebrity. What would happen if the day that you raised your hand when asked if anyone got saved people attacked you?  Where would it leave people spiritually if that’s how we acted towards everybody?

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  1. @ClydeHerrin,
    I loved this! Thank you for sharing it. I also learned about < from this… which is so cool bc I recently just learned about the significance of 153.
    Discovered you via InsanityBites 🙂

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    • I’m glad you liked my post. What do you mean about learning the significance of 153?

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      • Hello Clyde, I learned about 153 this year. I’ve been digging into scriptures intensely the last two years. As I recall 153 is only mentioned once in NT. It’s the number of fish that were caught in John 21:11
        153 is the center or overlapping section of ♾. Otherwise known as the infinity symbol – part of Elohims sacred geometry & also a reference to Revelation 12.


  2. *that was supposed to say “IXOYE” – regarding the Ichthys <


  3. “It would be a shame to miss out on a REVIVAL — just because we don’t approve of how God packages and delivers it to us.” WOW. EXCELLENT point! Thanks for posting this.

    P.S. It would also be a shame if a baby Christian were to decide that a life of faith isn’t worth it because the people who should have been supportive and nurturing were judgmental and unwelcoming. I suspect Jesus will have a few things to say about that when we see Him. (Matthew 18:6)

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  4. THank you for this

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