Colleges in darkness

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Colleges in darkness

by Ken Ham

What does “Dominus Illumina Tio Mea” mean on this building at one of the colleges in Oxford (Oxford University, England)? It’s actually the motto of the University of Oxford, which uses the opening words of Psalm 27, “The Lord is my light.” It appears on the university’s arms and has been used since the second half of the sixteenth century. But sadly, there’s very little light at Oxford University. Now there is mainly darkness, as the pernicious religion of atheistic evolution, as represented by their high priest Darwin, permeates the education system and the culture.

Also, the darkness of atheists like Richard Dawkins (we stayed in the same hotel Dawkins has stayed in at Oxford), who was educated at Oxford and lives in the area, permeates as he spreads his atheist religion to as many as he can. Oxford needs the the Lord as the light! It needs to give up the cancerous darkness of the religion of naturalism that not only permeates the university and the nation (and the rest of the Western world), but also much of the church. The majority of Christian academics and church leaders in the UK have compromised with the religion of evolutionary naturalism, reinterpreting Genesis with biological evolution and millions of years, thus undermining the authority of God’s Word and greatly contributing to the exodus from the church and the spiritually dying culture.

What happened to Oxford University has also happened to Ivy League schools in the USA like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton…and is also happening to compromising schools like Calvin College, Wheaton, Biola, Baylor, and many others. The majority of Christian colleges have gone or are on their way to being like Oxford. Any school that does not stand on God’s Word, beginning in Genesis, and compromises with evolutionary ideas will eventually become dark! There are a few schools in the USA that do stand with Answers in Genesis and you can find many of them at

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  1. I agree with the author’s opinion, but I’m not clicking “like,” because I don’t like it at all. It’s sad.

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