Sound doctrine for women

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Sound doctrine for women

by Joshua Arnold

It is important that women learn sound doctrine and know how to rightly divide the Word of God, or else they will not be able to discern which man is fit to be the head of their family. Women aren’t being singled out here in order to take a jab at them. There are many, many bright and faithful Christian women who know their Bible and the God of their Bible, even more than plenty of Christian men do.

Women are mentioned here, because I’ve heard too many horror stories of women who, because of their lack of understanding of the scriptures, were led astray by a man who claimed to be a Christian. The same thing could be said about men, but it appears that it tends to happen to women more than men.

It is not enough for a man to say that he loves Christ, nor is it enough that he excitingly talks about Christ all the time. Mormons say and do the same. Jehovah’s witnesses say and do the same. They aren’t talking about the Christ of the Bible though.
In fact, it is not even enough if a man simply treats a woman right if his heretical doctrines lead them both to Hell. There are plenty of God haters that treat women right for reasons that have nothing to do with glorifying God.

Study to show yourselves approved (1 Tim 2:15). Study, and figure out exactly what you believe, and make sure all of it springs from the scriptures. Learn context. Do not budge from it unless the scriptures warrant it.

Do not be swayed back and forth, from one belief to the next, by every gust of wind that a new exciting doctrine makes as it is breathed out of a man. Some men have natural gifts of communication, and they can make just about anything they talk about sound appealing, and if our standard isn’t the word of God alone, we will be tricked.

God will preserve a godly woman who has been deceived by a man who becomes her husband, but the misery is unlikely to be taken away as long as the man is in error. There is a great reward in knowing sound doctrine, and it plays a huge role in the joy to be had in marriage.

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  1. This is such an important topic, thank you for sharing!

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