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by Kaeley Triller Harms

Apparently, though I’m nearly five years into this, I need to issue yet another disclaimer:


I hate the ideology that gets its hooks in them and convinces them that their aggressive self-hatred is normal.

I hate the medical malpractice being framed as “science” that’s allowing doctors and big pharma bigwigs to line their pockets with the millions gleaned from the agony and confusion of children. Remember when the guy who invented the lobotomy won a Nobel Prize for it because “science?”

I hate that men’s feelings are given higher priority than women’s safety, allowing male rapists to be housed with rape survivors in women’s shelters and prisons.

I hate that female athletes are missing out on scholarship opportunities and hard won monetary prizes in athletic competitions now being co-opted by men who can overpower and outperform them.

I hate that my lesbian friends are being sexually harassed by men in dresses who feel entitled to consideration as potential sexual partners.

I hate that I can’t take my little girl swimming at the Y (a Christian organization) without the reasonable expectation that men undressing in the women’s locker room will be arrested.

I hate that while wife beaters in the UK can spend eight measly WEEKS in jail for assaulting women, my friends overseas have been investigated by police for the hate crime of using accurate pronouns, an act that could earn them up to six MONTHS in the slammer.

I hate that little boys are being convinced by deranged adults that their affinity for art and glitter means they are actually girls.

I hate that little girls who like sports and hate dresses are being convinced by those same adults that this makes them boys.

I hate that EVERY time I have ever tried to speak up in defense of my own right to say “no” to mentally unstable men, I am routinely told that I am the one being hateful.

Why do I post so frequently on transgenderism? Because somebody bloody well has to say the things you all know darn well are actually true.

I have about a thousand followers on this page. That’s not a significant number, and half of them are there to troll, but the other half mostly came looking for courage and resources and insight on how to navigate this disaster.

The only “how to” I know to offer is this: Tell the freaking truth. That’s it. It’s not rocket science; it’s biology. Biology isn’t bigotry.

If you’re going to accuse me of hate, at least be accurate in your conclusions. I hate bad ideas, not the people who hold them.

Don’t discriminate against reality.

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  1. I can’t help thinking that the people accusing you of hate are being willfully blind.
    OF COURSE not agreeing completely with someone’s behavior does not mean you hate them! It’s entirely possible to be opposed to someone’s behavior and yet love them with all your heart – any parent will tell you that.
    (Jesus Himself disapproved of our sin, but then laid down His very life to pay its penalty for us.)

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