Christian worldview

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Christian worldview

by Ken Ham

Genesis chapters 1-11 contain the biological, geological, astronomical, and anthropological history that is foundational to the rest of the Bible, to all doctrine, to the Christian worldview.

Because the majority of Christian leaders have either compromised Genesis 1-11 with evolution and/or millions of years, or teach it’s not that important or doesn’t matter, they have undermined the authority of the Bible, undermined Christian doctrine, and undermined the Christian worldview.

This compromise has contributed to a major failure of the church to impact the culture and train coming generations and has been a major reason why younger generations are leaving the church and why the younger generations are so secularized.

By and large, many churches and church homes have not taught apologetics to the younger generations to help them stand boldly and unashamedly on the authority of God’s Word beginning in Genesis. Also, they haven’t taught the younger generations to think foundationally from Genesis, so most of them who were raised in the church don’t have a Christian worldview when it comes to marriage, abortion, gender, etc.

Now, from a human perspective, the church is fighting for its life in the Western world. Christian leaders need to return to the authority of the Word of God beginning in Genesis 1-11.

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  1. I am using Answers in Genesis in my Sunday school class and I really appreciate their approach to the Bible. Everything is God-centered!

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  2. I agree. Thank you.

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