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by Joshua Arnold

Introverted people have the tendency to spend too much time inwardly inspecting themselves, which tends to lead to a depressive state in their Christian walk.

We are meant to examine ourselves from time to time, periodically throughout the day, but not to the point that it is consuming our lives, and hindering our work and joy in the LORD.

I’m saying these things, because our personality carries over into our spiritual walk, and it is important to recognize the type of person we are (or the type of person we are counseling is) when it comes to problems in the Christian walk. It is important to know our strengths and weaknesses in order to prepare and deal with them properly.

When we were first born again, we didn’t get a new personality. We kept the same personality, but we were given a new purpose and inclinations and desires. Take the Apostle Paul for example. He was a very determined type of person. He was the type of person who went all in when he did something. Extremely zealous. We all know someone with that sort of personality that Paul had. He would set his mind on a thing, and he would really go for it with all of his being. Listen to him explain himself in Philippians 3:5-6, where he says he was “a Hebrew of Hebrews; in regard to the law, a Pharisee; as for zeal, persecuting the church; as for righteousness based on the law, faultless.” That was Him before Christ, and we all already know how he was after he came to Christ.

Some people are simply not like that. They are more reserved, and tend to gradually get into things. Some people are content with a doing things in moderation, and spreading themselves out with many things equally. Other people think of the term ‘moderation’ as a totally foreign concept.
And so getting back to the topic of introverted people, you will find that they are usually the ones who sulk the most in their walk. That is why I’m speaking of introverts instead of extroverted people. Extroverted people have their own sort of issues, but it’s the introverted people that end up downcast and feeling so defeated the most.

They will fall into sin, and it often takes them a while to really get back up and move on. This is because they beat themselves up about it, and replay their failures over and over again. They naturally inwardly inspect everything about who and what they are, and even to the point that they implode on themselves at times. This type of habit often puts them off their Christian duties, which is a very serious issue.

The good news is that the cure is the same. The remedy is Jesus Christ. Less time dwelling inwardly, and more time dwelling on the Lord Jesus Christ. The remedy is looking to the smile of God. We look to God, knowing that since we are in Christ, regardless of our failings, God is smiling on us. We must look to the Lord Jesus Christ, and remember that we have died with Him. And not only did we die with Him, but we were buried, and resurrected with Him. We died to sin, which means that sin no longer rules over our soul. It reigns in the body until we are given immortal bodies in glory, but it does not reign over us as who we are as a soul. There is no more condemnation for us, so stop putting yourself under the condemnation of the Law. Realize who you are in Christ, realize that God does not hate you, and be glad in Him today.

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