Roles of men and women

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Roles of men and women

by Joshua Arnold

Ever since the fall of humanity, women have been prone to take over the role of a man, and men have been prone to abuse their role, either by allowing the wife to rule over him, or by dominating the woman and ruling over her more like a tyrant than a respectable man. Just take a look at the world, and you’ll see plenty of both. Take a look at all the abusive relationships there are.

It is a disgrace for a man to give up his precious role, just so he can please the woman. This does not please God, it is a sin.

And it is a disgrace for a woman to seek a role above what God has designed her for, as if God is the one who made a mistake when designing man and woman, and appointing them roles.

A woman should be more concerned about the honor of her husband than she is of her own desires.

And a man should be more concerned about loving his wife like Christ loves the Church, and standing firm in his role, encouraging both of them to faithfully and joyfully live according to their design.

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  1. Too many relationships are abusive so u think a woman should be ok if she gets beaten and have no right to leave this man that dud not obey God an sinned terrible against his wife? Yes, honor your husband but if are all bruised up leave him


    • No, I think a woman has a right to leave an abusive relationship. Sometimes, though, God might lead a woman to stay in such a relationship in order to bring her husband to salvation. I have heard of this happening. It would depend on how bad the abuse is and on what God wants the woman to do.


  2. This is such good stuff, it’s really a point of balance that we need more teaching and discussion on!

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  3. Truth.

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  4. The greater duty and responsibility is to the husband–to love his wife as Christ loves us. And how did Jesus love us? He became the perfect servant and sacrificed everything for us to make us better–to make us whole!

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