Things every church member should consider

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Things every church member should consider

by Levi Smith

I’d like to share some things that I think every church member should consider:

1. The Pastor(s) is not perfect.
His sins led Jesus to die exactly like yours did. Yes, he should exemplify a high biblical standard of living; just keep in mind that the Bible never asked anyone to be perfect. Please grant him the same grace you desire to hear from his messages.

2. Every decision cannot be made with you in mind.
If every church member thought they should be consulted before every decision, nothing would ever get done. God built the local NT with a defined structure of authority. Trust it.

3. New does not equal wicked.
Remember: the things done in the past were once new as well. The old paths were forged in the OT, not the 70’s. Much of what we do in conservative churches today was considered liberal at one point. If it is new and anchored in Scripture, please don’t rip it. It may not be your style, but that doesn’t mean God is against it.

4. Young leaders don’t hate old people.
A man’s youthfulness should never be an indictment on his care for the older generation. God uses young people.

5. Old leaders don’t hate young people.
A man’s old age should never be an indictment on his care for the younger generation. God uses old people.

6. Don’t get angry when your Pastor preaches on money.
Money is in the Bible. Money is a part of ministry. Christians should give cheerfully, sacrificially and obediently (which is biblical). Don’t make your Pastor beg for Missions and Tithe support. Give because you love the Lord, not grudgingly.

7. No. There are not enough volunteers.
I have never been in a church that had enough volunteers. It is a lie of the devil 👿. If you aren’t in the game serving at your local church, get off the bench and jump in…the rewards will be eternal!

8. The church has not been tasked with raising your kids.
Somewhere along the way, this task got put in the lap of Youth Pastors, Sunday School teachers, Kids Church workers and Bus workers. Us youth workers LOVE what we do; but God didn’t ask the church to raise the next generation; that starts at home with parents.

9. Come to more than one service a week.
When your local church body is assembling, strive to be there. If they have Sunday School, Sunday AM & PM services, midweek services/groups, strive to be at most of them! The corporate assembly of believers is insanely important in God’s kingdom. YOU are important!!!

10. Learn to dig your own well.
Be a Christian that matures to the point of being able to meet with Jesus alone. If you rely solely on the church for spiritual substance, you will never grow to your fullest potential. Jesus is sweeter than you could ever imagine!

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