Leaving a cult

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Leaving a cult

by Zach Whitsel

When I got out of my truck in downtown Gainesville around lunchtime today there was an older man sitting on a bench directly in front of my parking spot. Right as I was thinking that he was too well dressed to be homeless, I noticed the rack of Watchtower literature. He was a Jehovah’s Witness. We small-talked for a couple of minutes about the weather but I couldn’t bring myself to just walk away from him.

“I spent around eight years in a cult,” I told him. He maintained his smile but couldn’t hide his stiffness. “God used the book of Galatians to set me free. I lost all my friend’s, though.” He stopped smiling. “Jesus embodied unconditional love,” I went on. “The Bible says He won’t even hesitate to leave the 99 and go out looking for one who is lost. Cults do the opposite of that. Cults resent and shun the people they lose. You can always tell if an organization has the spirit of Christ or not by watching how it treats the people it loses.” I expected rebuttal but he didn’t say anything. “I poured my life into the people inside the organization I used to be a part of. It’s been years now and not one single one of them has ever came looking for me,” I told him. Finally he spoke. “That kinda makes you wonder if they ever really loved you at all.” I agreed. “I wouldn’t have said anything to you if I didn’t care about you, friend,” I said. “I know you do and I appreciate it,” he said as Holton and I walked away.

Human nature is to throw away the people who question you or disagree with you. That’s natural and carnal to the very core of our sin nature. The Spirit of Christ is alive in those who are His, though. And He is always looking for that one who is lost from the fold. I found one in Gainesville today. I believe it with all my heart. You guys keep your eyes open today because there are a lot more…

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  1. Coming out of the Word of Faith, I lost all my friends and many family members. It’s not exactly the same as a cult, but the reaction is similar. Shun. Claim I’m unsaved. That type of thing. This was so encouraging to read!

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  2. Excellent. I spent 5 yrs in a cult and I prayed and God took me out, as I had never left Him in my heart. He was always showing the unbiblicle things that were there. Thank you.

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