The self-denial of Jesus

Here is something I read on Facebook.

The self-denial of Jesus

by Joshua Arnold

Until we get to Heaven, we are never going to come close to comprehending the amazing degree of self-denial the Son of God had.

One second in Heaven will be enough for us to be eternally amazed that anyone would ever leave such an incredible place full of perfect love and glory in order to go to a completely corrupt and broken world to die the most miserable and humiliating death for ungodly and hateful people who will never appreciate it in the least unless they are graciously given a new nature by the Spirit of God Himself.

But this Person who left Heaven to do all of this wasn’t just some ordinary anybody. It was the God of glory, the second Person of the Triune God. The all-sufficient, infinitely and eternally satisfied in Himself God. The Living God whose source of being and living is Himself.

The God who created the wonderful Universe would come and live as a carpenter and create ordinary things. The wonderful One who gladly made the tree that would be used to make the Cross He would die on. The One who would gladly sustain the life of the men who blindfolded Him, smashed Him, spit on Him, plucked out His beard, and eventually would nail Him to the Cross. The One who could have stopped it at any moment with all the angels of Heaven.

That is our God, our Savior, and we can look forward to forever seeing and enjoying that beauty and greatness one day in our Lord Jesus Christ. We should ask ourselves: Are we denying ourselves? Are we willing to serve in ways that our flesh may think we are ‘too great’ for? If we are having trouble doing this, we need to look more to Jesus Christ and have these truths captivate us and stir up our affections.

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  1. Amen!!!

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  2. Very good lesson. Amen.

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