God is in control

Here is something I read on Facebook.

God is in control

by Joshua Arnold

Job did not try to “rebuke Satan back to the pit of Hell”.

Job knew that God was in control, that it was God who gives and takes away, God who afflicts, and that it wasn’t his business to command any other beings to go to here or there. Job knew that if God wanted him afflicted, even by Satan, then nothing he did could change it. Job’s duty was to humble himself, submit, and believe on the LORD and know that He is good. Period.

King David was very much aware of this truth, too. As King David was approaching Bahurim, a man named Shimei came out and began cursing and throwing stones at David (2 Sam 16:5-6) while he was surrounded by his guards.
David had the authority to do whatever he pleased to this man. One of David’s men, Abishai, even offers to go over and cut off Shimei’s head. But what does David do?

Reading what David said in 2 Samuel 16:10-12, we can unpack what is condensed in his response to Abishai, and see that what he was saying was along the lines of, “What does any of this have to do with you? Know your place. Mind your business. You think this is happening to me by chance? This is ultimately between the LORD and I. What if this man curses me because the LORD ordained him to? If the LORD has ordained him to curse me, then I will faithfully sit under the momentary affliction. Vengeance is the LORD’s business, not mine. Let that man be angry, but let me be quiet and at peace with the LORD.

I will submit to what He has appointed me in this moment, and perhaps He will see me faithfully enduring this affliction He has ordained and restore me and bless me instead cursing me for taking vengeance, which is His business, into my own hands.”

And so we see in the examples of Job and David, that our business is not to rule over our situations, as if we have that authority. We are to patiently sit under our momentary affliction in faith, knowing that God deals in goodness and wisdom.

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  1. Excellent.:)

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  2. That degree of surrender to God’s will for us should be the goal of every Christian. However, it requires trust and is difficult to achieve. Human beings long to be in control of their lives. So we resist Him or blame Him or turn away from Him.

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