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by Joshua Arnold

Depression is still something a Christian may sink into and suffer from. We are not freed from the possibility of it, as we are still wrapped in this corrupted flesh, and so we must be equipped to deal with it if we happen to ever find ourselves suffering in this way.

Since we have this idea that Christians aren’t supposed to get depressed, it only adds to our burden and grief when we do find ourselves suffering from any degree of depression. We may start to think we must not be Christians because of it. We may think “This is entirely contrary to what any reasonable person would expect God to have me go through if I were His child. I can’t see God’s hand in any of this. How can this possibly work for my good?! I’m hurting here! This seems so cruel! He knows I am suffering, how can He let this go on? There is no way I’m a child of God. If God really cared for me like a Father, He wouldn’t let me suffer with this for so long, especially since I have been begging Him everyday to deliver me!”

And when we start thinking hard thoughts of God like this, we insult His love, goodness and wisdom, and Satan rejoices. The Enemy loves to tempt us with thinking hard thoughts of our infinitely good and gracious God. You need to realize that you are wrong for thinking these lies about God.
There are many things that could be advised for someone suffering in this way, and one of those things is this:

Understand that God’s thoughts and ways are infinitely higher than your own. He tends to work in opposites when He is working with man, and when all seems contrary to a child of God, they may know God is certainly working in it all. His heart is for you.

He makes us walk through a wilderness before entering the promised land.
He has us sow in tears before we reap in joy.
Before He fills a man with pleasure in Him, He empties them of their pleasures of the world.
Before He raises a man up, He brings them low.
Before He consoles, He convicts.
Before He justifies a man in Christ, He condemns them by His Law.
Before He gives eternal life in Christ, He has us die to ourselves.
Before He comforts, He afflicts.
Before He binds up the heart, He breaks it.
Before He makes a man wise, He makes them become fools (1 Corinthians 3:18).
Before He will be a man’s strength, He will have them be weak. (2 Corinthians 12:9).
God saves the best wine for last, and gives us our worst life temporarily before our best life forever after.
He has made it so that in order to be first, a man must be last, and in order to be the greatest with the highest honor, a man must be the lowest servant.

And so, as you see, God does not work like mankind does. His ways aren’t anything like your ways.

If you find yourself in such a miserable condition, it is so important to understand that something serious is going on here, and you have every reason to keep cleaving to Him. Don’t sink. Hold on to God’s promises that are all Yes and Amen in Christ (2 Cor 1:20). Cleave to them with all your might. You must pray with whatever strength you have, even if it hurts you. Read and listen to the word and get with Christian friends.

None of this is in vain, that’s a promise (Romans 8:28). You are the perfect candidate for God’s grace and glory to be magnified, and you are closer to being lifted up and comforted than you have ever been.
The soul that is lowest is the soul that is closest to being raised up. If He has kept you low for long, it is to build patience, and to make the deliverance from this bitter condition all the more sweeter.
Bank on this: Your soul will rejoice and praise the LORD again (Psalms 43:5).

Here is something on the subject that was published today by In Christ Alone

Pat Morley wrote the following in his book (Man in the Mirror), “I think most men could recruit six pallbearers for their funeral, but hardly anyone has a real friend he can call at 2:00am.” I think depression is one of those subjects that is less talked about, especially by men. Even several great men of God were not spared from depression. Moses was so depressed, he wanted to die (Numbers 11), Elijah was so depressed, he wanted God to kill him (1 Kings 19), Jeremiah was so down, he wondered why he was ever born (Jeremiah 20). Psalms 42 & 43 is said to be the biblical cure for emotional depression. The psalmist in Psalms chapter 42 and 43 was also going through one of those times, and thankfully he opened up his heart to show us the best way to deal with those times of discouragement and despair…

The late Ruth Graham was not spared of depression either. In commenting on a prolonged time of depression she experienced during her pregnancy with her youngest child, Ned, she emphasized the positive side of it: “I’m glad I had that because it helps to understand how people feel… Thank God that David wasn’t always on a perpetual high. What would we do without the Psalms?”

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