Theology or love?

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Theology or love?

by Joshua Arnold

Some professing Christians have said, “I don’t care about your theology, I care about how you treat people.”
They reverse the order of the commandments, and put man before God. Our primary concern is not our neighbor, it is God.

It must be understood that you cannot love your neighbor right until you know and love God right. This is not my philosophy. This isn’t some idea that men made up. This is according to the Scriptures.

You simply cannot understand man in order to love him in the manner that you ought to if you do not know much about man’s Creator, what God has said about His creation, and what His purpose of mankind is.

We must study God, and the more we study God in Christ, the more clearly we may behold Jesus in the eye of faith. And the more we behold Him in the eye of faith that only the born again man has, the more we are conformed to Christ. And the more we are conformed to Christ, the better we can love God and man.

No one has ever loved mankind more than Jesus Christ. He is the definition of loving mankind. If we truly want to love and treat people better, we will seek to know Jesus Christ in the deepest way we can so that we may become like Him. And this cannot be done unless we prayerfully study theology, and study it like our soul depends on it.

Therefore, we may sum up our response to someone not caring about our theology by saying, “You do not care about loving people if you do not care about theology”.

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  1. Amen.:)

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  2. I heard Paul Washer explain the meaning of Theology the other day, I meant to make a graphic for it. When I do, brother, I’ll send it to you. Theology is two words Theo meaning God and Logos meaning word. Together the meaning is a word, or study, about God. Why would any professing believer not want that? I can only tell you why I once despised theology. It was because I had a false god and a false christ that I had made in my imagination. The study of Scripture clearly revealed who I was worshiping was not the God of the Bible. God saved me by His grace for His glory, although I was a wretched idolator.

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