Belief and behavior

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Belief and behavior

by Joshua Arnold

What’s the use of all the doctrines we understand if we are losing our tempers while we argue with others about doctrines? What does it matter if the insulting, the mocking laughing emojis, the condescending remarks, and the cowardly passive aggressive attacks go on as they did before those doctrines began lodging in our heads?

How excellent can those doctrines possibly be if we are behaving like that when we talk about them? Do you see how it can give others a terrible impression? When we behave that way, we are showing them that this is what happens when a person possesses the Doctrines of Grace.

All this does is shows that there’s a whole lot of doctrine up in our head, but it has yet to travel to the heart, and has had no actual effect on our living.

Where is the power in those doctrines? If the doctrines haven’t affected our behavior and living, then there is no evidence of the power of God in our life.

And this is, and should be, very frightening to us, because God never does anything apart from glorifying His power, and if there is no power of God evidenced in our lives, it is no evidence of Him dwelling in us. It is impossible for the all-powerful God to dwell in a man and never show any signs of His power. Kings don’t rule in secret.

We can write Christian doctrines on a piece of paper, and that paper will not be changed, although it contains all of the doctrines. God doesn’t dwell in paper, though, so of course we wouldn’t expect that paper to be changed. God does dwell in His people, though, and He conforms them according to those doctrines so that their lives begin to match the doctrines that He works into their understanding.

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  1. This is an excellent point!

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  2. Excellent.

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