Belief and faith

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Belief and faith

by Lester Peoples

True Belief in God

Belief and Faith

Though the two seem much the same; really they are not.

Some instances they are as different as coldness is to hot.

The bible speaks of both to show what is to be expected

but to always try to remember why, one is not neglected.

Something that you think you know until it’s put to test

must have a share of faith involved, not like all the rest.

To reason why before you try something, takes a bit of faith

but holding out on what you know, may just cause your fate.

A poem can’t describe in words the detail needed to express the difference. So an illustration will be used. ….. Say you are talking to a friend and a stranger comes dragging himself up into your presence barely able to move, and holding his throat and saying I am dying, as he struggles to speak and gasps for his last breaths, he says he hasn’t had any water for four days. Your friend looks at him and says yes, he looks terribly dehydrated. I suggest that he go fetch water quickly! He returns with a full jug of fresh cool water and hands it to you. You ask the dying man if he thinks the water will save him? He is only able to nod yes, grabbing his throat! Again you ask the dying man if he is positively sure that the water will prevent his dying? The weak man just grabs his throat and gasps his last breath – and Dies!

“Belief” was in knowing that water was the answer to saving a life. Believing from past experience to know for a fact that water was the answer, and not a perchance thing.

“Faith” was an answer that was not used! Why is a truth withheld when something so important is at stake? Does man withhold sharing the faith that saves soul from the kingdom of god? Who is then to blame?

A large crowd gathers at a mountain pass where a tight rope walker has a wire stretched across a deep ravine, hundreds of feet below, to a mountain bluff adjacent to it, many yards away. He then takes a wheelbarrow sets it upon the wire and proceeds to push it across the wire over the ravine while everyone watches, amazed! He very stealthfully wobbles now and then, people gasp occasionally looking away as he teeters but he makes it across and then amazingly returns. The crowd cheers and gather around him as he asks, do you believe I can do it again? They who were standing close by yelled “Yes!” He had made believers—they Now have a Belief. Before the second attempt, he catches his breath.

Next thing he said was ok, someone get in the wheelbarrow! Complete Silence!! Belief conquered over faith. How so often’ with humans this is so evident!

Belief presented itself but was rejected! “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”.

Without Faith, it is impossible to please God. See how many things God has promised to those who are faithful and trust in him who died for all our sin. When we think we know it all, we become fools and God uses this Word many times in his book of instructions, the Holy bible. Become a part of the kingdom of believers and not chaff to be burned with the wicked.

Live in and by Faith, and not just Belief. ‘Satan and demons believe’ [and tremble]!

Hell is where God will ultimately send disbelievers that have rejected His Son, who died on a cruel cross that they might have eternal life by believing in Him. Satan/Lucifer deceives all who will reject the finished works that God has presented, and in the devil’s scheme of death and destruction makes an easy path to the fires of hell that were created for the deceiver- God says “The father of Lies, and a Liar from the beginning” Hell is eternal with no chance of relief or light of God, ever again! Being born again or receiving the new birth, before dying a natural death will prevent man from eternal punishment for rejecting Gods free gift of love and relation with him for eternity, which no one can imaging its length of time!

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  1. Very good lesson.

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  2. Excellent illustrations!

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