Living in a sinful world

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Living in a sinful world

by Levi Smith

Listed below are some things that I believe men need to do while living in this aggressively sinful world….

• Make the Bible a priority.
The truth makes and keeps us free. Every day we don’t spend in the Word is a day that #Satangainsground. Love Scripture. Make it a necessary, non-negotiable part of your day.

• Stay out of optically-inappropriate situations.
God commands that we stay away from even the appearance of evil. Never be alone with a woman who is not your wife. Ever. Keep high standards and STOP thinking you are #aboveitall. Stop putting yourself and others in bad positions where accusations could be made.

• Stop watching pornography.
Let’s be blunt. Porn is rife in the churches and everyone stays quiet on it. #Shameonus. Jesus said that sexual sin destroys the inner man. I beg of you, for the sake of the church, wife and kids, STOP watching and clicking on porn. It will soon not be enough; your flesh will continue to cry for more, and you’ll find yourself considering scenarios you never imagined. (That goes for all of the sexual movies and commercials we don’t turn off, too.)

• Ask God to ravish your heart with love for your wife.
Sing the Song of Solomon to your wife. Love her with all of your being. Tell her your whole heart. Trust her. Care for her. Protect her. Hold her. Fall asleep with her. Go to bed with her. Make her the #centerofyourhumanlife. Be faithful to *your* spouse!

• Stop making excuses for not being spiritual.
We need more men who will lead while being led by the Holy Ghost. We need more men who worship at home, serve Jesus and set godly examples. We need more #menlikeJesus.

• Keep your heart and mind clean with hourly checkups with Jesus.
Keep a very close account with God. Continuously ask for grace and forgiveness. Don’t let bad thoughts turn to bad actions and bad actions turn to bad habits. Stay #closetoChrist.

• Pray for each other.
Daily, our comrades fall to the world and the devil. #Liftupyourbrothers. Constantly. Be there for them, edify them, be honest with them, rebuke them, hold them accountable.

I am not perfect, but I want to make an impact for Jesus with the manhood God has given me. I hope you do, too, bro.

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  1. This is good advice! Just last night I was on twitter and saw a very inappropriate photo posted on a professing Christians feed. I have friends whose marriage is in shambles right now due to the things listed in your article, they’re holding on and in constant prayer, but the heartache it’s caused has been enough for one to consider self harm. How could we trip one another up, on social media, or as a woman with my own choice of clothing? I don’t understand why anyone would. Anyway, thank you for posting this my friend!

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  2. This is also good for women.:)

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