Pray for Muslims

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Pray for Muslims



All Muslims who can afford it or are physically able will go on Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca Saudi Arabia) at least once in their lifetime.
This year the Hajj is taking place between August the 9-14. It is considered the largest “human world’s gathering” and it is estimated that over 2.4 million pilgrims will be attending Hajj this year. During the Hajj the Muslims will walk and pray around the Kaaba seven times. The Kaaba is a large black, box shaped building at the center of the most important mosque in Islam, named Masjid Al-Haram (Holy Mosque). . Muslims believe the Kaaba was originally built by Abraham and Ishmael & was confirmed holy by Muhammad. An important part of Hajj is when the pilgrims go to Mount Arafat located in the village of Mina (about 3 miles from Mecca). The Mount is marked by a white pillar which is said to be where their “Prophet Mohammed” was believed to have delivered his last sermon some 1,400 years ago, calling on Muslims to unite. Close by this location stands three pillars representing the devil where the ritual of stoning the devil takes place by each pilgrim. Pray they will come to know that all rituals of the Hajj are pointless and seek to find the truth in GOD’s WORD.

Abraham is an important prophet in Islam. The Eid-ul-Adha (‘Celebration of Sacrifice), marks the end of the Hajj and is celebrated by all Muslims. It is recognized as the time when God appeared to Abraham in a dream and asked him to sacrifice his son Isma’il (not Isaac) as an act of obedience to God. Because God intervened and provided a lamb, Isma’il was spared. This is why during Eid, Muslims will sacrifice a sheep (alternatively a goat or cow) as a reminder of Abraham’s obedience to God. They usually share the meat with family and friends, as well as the poorer members of the community. For Muslims the Hajj and Eid are a time when they feel they can come close to God and ask him to forgive their sins. In Islam, however, any actions like sacrifices or fulfillment of their spiritual duties does not give them assurance that they are forgiven. As the story of Abraham’s animal sacrifice is replayed by millions of Muslims, pray that many will be stirred to seek out more information about the Biblical Abraham. That in the Bible they will see that God clearly showed that through the SEED of ABRAHAM, JESUS would come and that HE alone would be the sacrifice given by GOD for the forgiveness of SIN! That it was Isaac who life was spared, not Ismail & that through Isaac the Messianic line would continue (Genesis 22:1-19)! Hebrews 9:11-14 talks about a “perfect tabernacle,” built not by human hands which Jesus Christ entered to provide “eternal redemption.”

Many Muslm men and women make the Hajj not just once but many times over the course of their lives still hoping this will mean that God forgives them of their sins. They often feel discouraged and sad at the end of the Hajj as they do not have the Gospel nor understand God’s grace. Pray this restlessness will lead them to seeking answers about who JESUS is so they can finally have lasting peace in HIM. Some who do come to the LORD may face new challenges. Christians in Muslim countries often face persecution and rejection. Pray they will endure, grow strong in faith and come to knowing other believers in fellowship. PRAY that God will bring Jesus to the Muslims through the radio, a few television programs, the internet(in which Christians give responses to their questions) and vivid dreams (this has been God’s method to reach many of them). Many, many Muslims are now living in war torn countries, refugee camps and oppressive countries. They feel discouraged and hopeless! Pray they will sincerely seek & find new HOPE and lasting peace through JESUS!

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