Creation vs. evolution – a battle of two religions

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Creation vs. evolution—a battle of two religions

by Ken Ham

Gizmodo, an Australian site owned by an online media company, expressed discouragement at a recent Gallup poll in the USA showing 40% of Americans believe God created humans just thousands of years ago.

They state, “Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species in 1859, yet for Americans, this seminal science book is still proving to be a tough sell.” Darwin’s book is not a “science book.” It’s a book on the religion of naturalism—atheism.

Actually, Darwinian evolution/millions of years is the major pagan religion of this era attempting (and failing) to explain the universe and life without God. This website applauds those who reject God.

Think about it. What this media group is really saying is something like, “Don’t believe in God! Believe that all life, including you, arose by natural processes. That way you make your own purpose and meaning while you are here, as you will die and won’t remember any of it. Have a wonderful life that is ultimately devoid of purpose and meaning. Don’t let anyone tell you there’s a God who owns you, as you own yourself.”

This Gallup poll shows that the religion of atheism is growing—but mainly from those who compromised evolutionary ideas with belief in God. As I’ve often said, theistic evolution is one step away from atheistic evolution. Creation vs. evolution—a battle of two religions.

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  1. Darwin wrote a book about his THEORY. The Bible is God’s Word. So, who should we believe? I choose to believe God!

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  2. Truth, Amen.:)

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  3. As we’ve shared with others, it’s been proven that a cell, the tiniest form of life, could never have self-evolved. Every attempt by scientists have failed.

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