Calvinism is not the Gospel

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Calvinism is not the Gospel

by Joshua Arnold

Calvinism is not the Gospel. The Gospel is the proclamation of the person and works of Jesus Christ.

I wholeheartedly affirm all 5 points of Calvinism, but as Calvinistic in my view as I am, and as joyful as I am in my brothers and sisters who affirm and zealously proclaim the true doctrines of the Bible that we have called ‘Calvinism’ mainly for the sake of distinguishing our view from others in a single word instead of spending 20 minutes to explain each view we have as professing Christians, the idea that a person is not saved if they don’t affirm the Calvinistic doctrines, is an error itself.

The Gospel is first preached in Genesis 3:15, when the suffering and conquering Savior, who would be a man, is promised. The mention of the woman’s seed tells us that the Savior would be a human being. The mention of the serpent, who is Satan, bruising the heel of this seed, tells us that He would suffer. The mention of the serpent’s head being crushed tells us that He would conquer the enemy, Satan.

Faith in this one promise saved saints that were spoken of in the Old Testament. It was not required to know any more than this, as long as they had sincere faith in this. And those who did, they were justified just as we are justified, although we have a greater light and unveiling of this same promise today, as He has been revealed, the belief in this promise, the God-man Jesus Christ, saves to the uttermost, once and for all. To add any knowledge, and count on a greater understanding of this promise, is to corrupt the promise.

A perfect understanding of soteriology is not part of God’s promise on this side of Glory. We know and understand only in part while here, and there will be saints, just as the thief on the Cross, who will have no knowledge beyond the knowledge of who Christ is and what He did, that will be saved just as much as the greatest fallen theologian who understands more of the mysteries than all others combined.

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  1. This is what’s wrong today with Christian Evangelism. Modern Christian Evangelism lacks theology. This kind of theological ignorance was championed by the likes of Billy Graham.

    Theology matters. Soteriology is essential doctrine as well as Trinitarian doctrine. It isn’t so much about what we don’t know but what we reject when confronted with truth. For example, we recognize types and shadows of the Triune God in the NT but is someone saved today that rejects The Son or even the Holy Spirit today? Likewise, if someone places their faith in or of themselves then they become an idol an object that they have faith in which does not save. True faith rests in the object of faith Jesus Christ. Soteriology namely Calvinism the theological meta-narrative, systematically answers questions concerning the Gospel. Is man capable of saving himself? Can man be saved by his own works? Does God violate man’s will in salvation?

    While a parrot can quote a verse a parrot rarely demonstrates an ability to thrust forward the meaning behind a verse. Explain anything in the Gospel and we’re talking Theology! Don’t believe theology is important than quit adding your own explanation or commentary to Scripture and just be fooled into thinking everyone understands the verses you quote to mean what you mean. I am not Calvinist because I follow John Calvin, put my faith in him for salvation etc., but because I believe throughout the course of 2000 years of apostolic doctrine Calvinism is the most refined method in conveying the true Gospel.

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  2. TY:)

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  3. What is the point in attacking Billy Graham? Did he actually promote Biblical ignorance? Don’t think so.

    Because He made each of us as one of His unique children, all of us have our own reasons for believing in the salvation offered by Jesus Christ. Fortunately, the Bible allows us some latitude. The Bible is specific about some things, however. He commands us to love each other. So let’s unite by focusing upon the One who saved us, not who we are against.

    Because He has told us to be ready, we each need to be prepared to explain what we believe and why, to give a reason for our hope in Jesus Christ.

    The Bible specifically addresses this issue in several passages starting in Hebrews 5. Unless we study the Bible and strive to live out our faith, we will bear little fruit. Even if we are saved we will be vulnerable to the confusion promoted by apostates. Unless we do something to live out our faith, how can enjoy the knowledge of our salvation? Where will we find the evidence of our faith?

    Once we are born again we should have a thirst for the knowledge of our Savior. We gain that by studying His Word.

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  4. The Bible indicates that the “Spirit of truth” would come and guide believers into “all truth” (not just some truth):

    (John 13:16a) Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: …

    I can tell you that i’ve studied this subject very thoroughly and came out of Calvinism as a result. I was as Calvinist as anyone could be. And it was out of ignorance, not proper knowledge.

    Andone who seriously checks out my blog will see the key verses that conclusively show where Calvinism goes wrong. Here’s the url if you or anyone is interested:


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