Formula faith

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Formula faith

by Zach Whitsel

I read this evening where Joshua Harris, author of the famous conservative Christian book from the 1990’s about how he kissed dating goodbye, was ending his marriage of twenty years and leaving his faith in Christ as well. I had so many mixed emotions when I read his words. I grew up in the conservative side of Christianity where his old book was embraced. I remember his book well. I left that church movement several years ago because it became abundantly clear to me that “formula” faith was a sham that was inevitably robbing people of their faith.

“If you save yourself for marriage, God will give you a good marriage. If you sacrificially give, God will reward you financially. If you wear a suit and tie while you preach, God will give you more power.” If you do ______ then ________ will happen. But then families drove home broke from camp meeting and still couldn’t pay their bills. Teenager’s got married as virgins only to see their marriages fall apart later. Women dressed the part and men did the work, and the number of people coming to their churches still only got smaller. The formulas failed. When formulas fail, people get disappointed. When people get disappointed, they walk away from God.

If you are waiting for me to throw stones at Joshua Harris, you’re reading behind the wrong guy. My goal here is to warn you so maybe his story won’t be yours. The Bible teaches that without faith, it is impossible to please God. Christianity is not something you do, it’s something you believe. Beyond dress codes and Bible versions and sexual purity and missions giving lies an extremely important question.

Why do you do what you do?

If you are bartering with God for something, just go ahead and get in line at one of the exits because you’re going to get your heart broken. God doesn’t play like that. If you love God with all your heart and just want to live the life He’s outlined in His word to the best of your ability no matter the outcome, you’ll survive. Pray for Joshua but learn from his downfall. Get as far away from performance religion as you can.

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    “Christianity is not something you do, it’s something you believe.”

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  2. Amen!!!

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  3. I agree. What a sadness that many churches follow this formula thing. Freedom thru Christ Jesus, thru His Grace only.:)

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  4. So sad. I really loved his work, but now he’s become another tragedy. Hope and pray he sees the one true Light.

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