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by Joshua Arnold

Judas mourned more for his sin than most professing Christians do today. Not only did he mourn, but he paid restitution by giving back the 30 pieces of silver. He was deeply convicted of his sin, and did not make any excuses for it like most professing Christians do today. He didn’t say “well, God knows my heart”. He made no excuse for his sin whatsoever. Yet, Judas will be cast into the Lake of Fire.

Why? Because his mourning did not spur him to God. Instead, Judas considered his sin too great for God’s mercy. He did not truly know God as the pardoning and gracious God He is. He had no hope in God. There was much sorrow, but none unto repentance. Much sorrow, but none of it was godly. He did not think of God as sufficient to restore him. 

And there are professors of the faith today that are so hardened in their heart and seared in their conscience that they aren’t even convicted by a single one of their rotten thoughts. Not only is there no godly sorrow in them, but there is no sorrow at all in them over their sin. The only sorrow that would come from them is forced sorrow. A sorrow that only comes when the fear of punishment forces it out of a person, because punishment troubles them more than their sin does.

Many of these people are sitting in churches every Sunday, and it is scary to think that so many of them cannot be discerned by others according their fruits, because they have counterfeited them so well. They know deep down they are only putting on a show. And this is one reason why we must share the Gospel so often to the people that we even call our brethren.

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  1. When I teach, almost without fail, the Gospel will be there at least some

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  2. Amen.:)

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