Is polyamory next?

Here is something I read on Facebook.

Is polyamory next?

by Ken Ham

“Princeton University professor Robert P. George warned in ‘Is Polyamory Next?’ for The American Interest in 2015 that homosexual ‘marriage’ opens the door to marriage that includes more than two persons.”

“‘If gender doesn’t matter for marriage, they ask, why should number matter?’ he asked. ‘If love makes a family,’ as the slogan went when the cause being advanced was gay marriage, then why should their family be treated as second class? Why should their marriage be denied legal recognition and the dignity and social standing that come with it?”

Where does two in marriage come from? It comes from the Bible in Genesis when God created the first marriage, one man and one woman. Marriage is a God-ordained institution, so there’s no such thing as gay “marriage” anyway.

This article is what we’ve been predicting for many years. Once generations abandon the absolute authority of God’s Word, ultimately anything goes—except those Christians who stand on God’s Word and declare that God’s way is the only way in regard to marriage, sexual relations, etc. They are considered intolerant and the enemy.

Satan will do all he can to pervert what God created—and his attack on marriage and the family is in full swing. Our Western culture today reflects generations disconnected from God’s infallible Word and anchored in man’s fallible word. Moral relativism permeates. The only solution is for hearts and minds to repent before our Creator and Savior and build a truly Christian worldview.

Judges 21:25 describes the situation: “In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

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  1. Excellent. I am not surprised at anything man can think up.

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  2. Tragically, I do believe this is next. It is already accepted in certain circles.

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