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by Levi Smith

She went in a woman and came out a concubine.

Esther is an incredible story of our gracious God rescuing a His children from impending destruction; but the beginning of this story starts with tragic details of the abuse of women.

King Ahasuerus ordered his own wife, Vashti, to be paraded in front of his men and people because of her beauty. When she refused his command, the men in charge became enraged that a woman would go against their authority.

Fear that the other women in the kingdom would follow Vashti’s example and go against their husbands set in. This assumption led the men in charge to banish Vashti from being queen, sending a message to all the households to “keep the women in line”.

This led them to search for a new queen. They herded all the young, beautiful virgin women together. During the evening, these young maidens were forced to go in before the king; if he liked her well enough, she might become queen.

Here’s the crazy twist: these young ladies were kept in custody by Hegai and referred to as “maids” before they went in to the king at night. The next morning, after coming out from being with the king, they were put in the custody of Shaashgaz, the keeper of the “concubines”.

Overnight, these young ladies went from being innocent maidens to used harlots in the kingdom.

These women didn’t bring this reproach upon themselves. This reproach was brought on by drunk, impulsive, power-hungry, perverted, lust-filled, abusive men.

Women are not less than men. They shouldn’t be treated as such. They are incredible creatures, created purposefully by God Himself to fulfill insanely important roles on the earth for his glory.

All of us, whether in the home, at work or in the church, need to keep this in mind.

After all, this book has a woman’s name as its title for a reason.

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