Emily Thomes

Emily Thomes once lived a lesbian lifestyle.  She considered herself a Christian but only believed those parts of the Bible that didn’t condemn her way of life.  She began attending a Bible study about the attributes of God and as she came to understand God better she also began to see herself as she really was.  Here is her description of what happened.

I was grieved that my whole life I’d been sinning against Him, not only in my dating life but in every other way, too. My drunkenness, my haughtiness, my refusal to submit to what had been plain in His word all along but that I’d denied because I didn’t want to give up my autonomy; I claimed faith but had no concern with what God actually said or wanted of me. I was overwhelmed with the love and mercy He was showing me in letting me live long enough to repent and truly trust in Him. I didn’t know what my life would be like or what I was going to do, but I knew what I was not going to do anymore. It was incredibly clear. That day was the day the Lord granted me eyes to see Him as holy and righteous and myself as a sinner desperately in need of His forgiveness and grace.

She now has a website in which she tries to help other experience this same deliverance from sin.


The site includes her testimony of how she was saved.


It includes a blog in which she gives helpful information on the subject.


She also provides help for anyone who is looking for a Christian counselor,

I recommend the following organizations for biblical counseling:

a church,

I am often asked if I know of sound churches in a specific area of the country. I have found the following websites to be helpful when looking for sound churches. Please keep in mind that I am placing these here as a resource, but I have not vetted all of these churches personally.

or for general information about homosexuality and Christianity.

For information and support specifically related to homosexuality and same sex attraction, go here:

For general information regarding Christianity, scripture, theology, etc, I recommend these ministries:

See also:

Emily can be reached via email at Emily@emilythomes.com.

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