The grace of God

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The grace of God

by Joshua Arnold

Sometimes our heads get so clouded by our circumstances and failures that we lose sight of the grace that God has worked into us, and in poor judgment we conclude that we have no grace at all, and never did in the first place.
This is cruel, and this is foolish.

We become like a person that’s tearing their house apart to find their phone, all while their phone is in their hand the whole time. Just because they didn’t see it, it doesn’t mean they didn’t have it.

That grace we once witnessed working in ourselves becomes hidden behind a thick cloud of carnal passion, emotions and infirmities. That grace used to bring us great assurance, and that assurance carried us boldly into the presence of God. But now it’s been taken away, so we say, and that boldness at the throne of Grace is taken with it.

Without that assurance, the Christian is put off their Christian duties. He thinks to himself, “I’m a hypocrite for sure. It is better not to perform any duties at all than to perform them hypocritically” and so there he sits discouraged.

The Devil loves this. He couldn’t fool you with false hopes, and so he strives to fool you with false fears. God has said you are sealed by the Holy Spirit, and He said this for your benefit, but the Devil chimes in with his oldest trick, “did God really say?”
The fruit God said you could eat from, the Devil is trying to keep you from. It’s the Garden reversed. The Devil knocks with temptations at several doors. If he can’t get you at the door of pride from assurance, he will try the door of doubt from hypocrisy.

In these moments we are often too perplexed to consider that the Devil wouldn’t give the true hypocrite these problems. He would never remind a true hypocrite of their hypocrisy in case his reminding them of it actually pierced their conscience. He rather never bring hypocrisy up to the true hypocrite out of fear of them realizing their hypocrisy and repenting of it.

But praise the Lord that God sees the grace He has worked into us even when we don’t. He knows who belongs to Him, and He takes special care to keep them during these sad times. He comes in His perfect timing to show His people they are His. Although sometimes we can’t see our graces, we can still see Christ. And if we can see Christ, we can be assured and comforted. We can keep our eyes on Him until the Lord comes and parts the clouds and shows us those graces in us again. Jesus Christ is the foundation of our insurance, praise the Lord.

Joshua Arnold

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