Unconditional love

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Unconditional love

by Zach Whitsel

“Who loves me today that wouldn’t love me tomorrow if I changed?” I started asking myself that question back when my eyes first started opening to the differences between ritual religion and simple faith. The question provoked my life so deeply that I even started proposing it to Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons in my path. It’s a big question that leads to an even bigger one.

Why do you do what you do?

See, we are broken. Even more broken than we like to think. We want to feel valuable. We crave affirmation. We seek out acceptance. And then we use all of those things to develop our identity and self worth. A Christian living a victorious life of simple faith often looks and talks just like the one caught up in ritual and tradition. One is built on insecurity, though, so symptoms always show. How do you spot the insecure religious person?

They can’t handle people who disagree with them.

When some faithful disciples of Christ have a brother leave their group or forsake his faith, their responses are predictable. They love that person and that natural love shows in all their actions toward him/her. The religious group, on the other hand, react with disdain for the one who left. They shun that person and gossip over his/her life. Why?

Because secretly they really want out, too.

The way of Christ isn’t an act that is crafted and perfected and worked at, it’s just a walk of faith. Like a child holding the hand of a parent, peace and security come natural. Freedom takes the place of entrapment, and growth is spread over a lifetime. The religious man is tired and bitter. He is a slave to approval and bound by his works, and his poor flesh is mad about it. He will love you so long as you meet his deep, personal needs; he will discard you if you do not. Why? Because what he does isn’t about God at all, it’s about self.

What kind of church do you go to? One that promotes simple faith and real growth? Or one where you are afraid to leave because of the backlash you know would ensue? Who loves you today that wouldn’t love you tomorrow if you changed? If they could stop loving you tomorrow, they don’t really love you today. Only the people who really love you today would still love you tomorrow if you changed. Find out where those people are and build there. Men and women who have never found unconditional love will never, ever be able to give it…

Zach Whitsel

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