From drug dealer to Christian

Here is something I read on Facebook.  It is the testimony of a former drug dealer who is now a Christian.


The first time I was ever arrested, I was 16, and it was because my friends and I went into Walmart, and stole some things. I was actually the only person that didn’t steal anything, but I knew what was going on.

Two years later, at 18 years old, I was arrested on a felony assault charge. It was an automatic felony charge, because the person I hit suffered a broken bone, and apparently when a bone is broken, it is an automatic felony. It was dropped to attempted assault, because I had several witnesses that saw the other person assault me first. Plus I only hit the person one time, and so it wasn’t seen as a malicious act from me.

Somewhere between 2006-2007, at 18 or 19 years old, I made the closest thing to a suicide attempt I could by intentionally taking too much liquid Xanax. I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. All of it was more of a cry for help. I was so depressed over a relationship, and I wanted to feel like people cared about me. I began taking steroids a little before this, and so I’m sure the massive change in hormones screwed with my mental health, too. I’ve suffered from depression on and off ever since I was this age.

As for the steroids: Whatever I’ve done in life, I’ve always sought to do it to the maximum. It’s always been my personality, and it was no different with steroids. I ended up finding some contacts in other countries to ship steroids to me. I understood that I could just sell them and pay for my own supply, and so I did.

After a couple of years of establishing a reputation on underground websites, I had finally found a contact in another country for the actual raw materials to make steroids myself. And so I did. At 20 years old, I had learned to make steroids and I became one of the biggest sellers in the country.

I did this for a couple of years, and at 22 years old I was arrested, and caught with $225,000 worth of steroids. Here is the link to prove it 👉🏼…/article_6b67da4c-5984-11e0-bebe-001c…

I was asked to go undercover with the DEA, and panicking in the moment, I agreed. I couldn’t bring myself to do it, though. I ended up telling my friends what I was doing, and someone ended up telling on me. Apparently someone I had spoken to was also working with the DEA. Go figure.

And so they went ahead and pressed charges. Several months later I was convicted of attempted possession of a controlled substance, and was started my 6 month sentence in jail.

At the time, I was a drug addict. I took whatever pill didn’t make me feel normal, and as often as I could. And trust me, I could afford a lot of drugs. I was taking over 300mg of OxyContin each day at one point in my addiction. That would kill someone who had never taken OxyContin before. In fact, half of that could kill someone who never had any before .

And so I went into jail, and sobered up for the time. I ended up getting out, and it wasn’t weeks later when I was abusing adderall. I was very foolish.

Jail didn’t really do anything for me. I was just afraid to do the same stuff again.

In 2012, at 24 years old, I had a really strange experience that convinced me there was such thing as God. Of course I had always known, but I suppressed it. I was basically a professing atheist before that.
I didn’t have saving faith in Christ, but the strange experience I had had to do with the Bible (the book, not the doctrines of it), and so I carried it around like it was some protection relic for a couple months probably.

At this time, I was abusing adderall, and staying up for over 48 or a little under straight sometimes, and only sleeping a couple hours in between. I became very delusional at the time. I actually held the Bible in my hand, and went into a family member’s room, put my hand on their head while they were sleeping as though I were about to pray, and before I could start, they woke up, and I told them that I was John the Baptist. The adderall had messed with my mind, and I was experiencing psychosis.

I ended up quitting not too long after that, and vowed to stay sober from everything.
I was sober for a couple of months, and one night I decided to go out and have a few beers. In the middle of drinking my third beer, I told the friend I was with that I’m done with it and I’m never doing again. I threw the beer in the trash, and went home. It was around then that I started praying for sobriety.

I haven’t taken a drink, steroid, or narcotic since then, nor have I smoked any weed. I was told I should pray in the name of Jesus Christ, and so I did.

I didn’t have saving faith, though. I denied His deity. I didn’t really know anything about the Christian Faith. It wasn’t too long until I started getting into New Age doctrines. I was obsessed with it, and would constantly talk about it to everyone. I ended up becoming a bit popular among the New Age crowd.
This went on from late 2012 until 2015.

In 2015, at 27 years old, the Lord called me out of the world, and gave me the gift of saving faith.
He has been so gracious to me, and put a zeal in my heart for Him. It was because of posts on social media that I came to the Lord. Faithful Christians sharing Jesus Christ on social media sowed a seed, and today He is my entire life. My life is Christ, and I can think of nothing greater. I can think of no higher honor.

I remember the first time I asked for the Lord to have His will done in my life no matter what happened to me, and I was so scared! I was nervous praying that. There were many things I didn’t want to lose. I was a song writer. So many carnal songs. I had over 80 songs written, and I thought I was going to make music and tour the world.

The Lord did answer that prayer. He was so gracious to hear me. I remember the day I threw away every song in the trash. These were songs that, to this day, I believe would have been huge hits. The Lord had given me Himself and I counted it greater, praise the Lord.

Now days I can’t imagine praying for anything, but for His will to be done. How foolish I think my old self was to be so nervous and fearful to ask that. Had I known of the incredible joy and satisfaction I would have in Christ alone, I would have never trembled at that prayer. I thank the Lord, I am what I am because of His grace!

I’m so thankful for everyone who is faithful to share Jesus Christ and His works on social media. Your labor isn’t in vain. Those apologetics posts and videos aren’t in vain. You don’t know who the Lord is causing to watch them, and you don’t know the great godly men that will come from that seed in 10 years from now. We think of our posts as routine and common, but people are truly being impacted.

Joshua Arnold

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  1. Praise and Glory to our Lord God.

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  2. Clyde, thank you for sharing this inspiring story. Indeed, God never gives up on us.

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  3. What a testimony

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