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by Lester Peoples

We cannot say Was, because Jesus Christ is Still who he Ever Was, and will Be forever; for man to devote the Praise and to Glorify the One who is worthy, and who bought and paid for each and every human being on planet earth! [With His Own very life’s blood] He is the heavenly Fathers Son whom GOD consented by love, allowed Jesus to leave his throne in Glory to join mankind on earth to redeem man to the position he lost by Lucifer’s lie to the first man, Adam, in the garden. The Father has given His (Jesus), name to be above All other names both in heaven and earth whereby we must be saved, in belief on His name. At this, Jesus was given All Power, and most of all; Authority over All things! The Heavenly Father judges no man, but has given Jesus his Son, that privilege. Spoken three times.

At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow confessing Jesus as Lord and Saviour over all, at that judgement day. The name Jesus is heard many times throughout our days, while some use it in vain, or cursing, but they shall be accountable, and even the demons tremble at the sound of His name as they know their doom, as to where they are destined, and all who follow after them, and Gods adversary, Satan.

The Jews learned from their Prophets, that a Messiah was to come to be their reigning Lord and protector over all their people, and even though Jesus healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and restored life itself to the dead, he was rejected by cold hearted and stiff necked people when he was heard Not’ to be that king they expected, and even the religious were angry when reference to God was even related to this man, They knew Jesus as a carpenters son, of Joseph and his wife Mary.

Charges of blasphemy were placed against Jesus, and so he was turned over to the Roman authority in the region to keep peace. Harsh sentences were tried by court and committed to be crucified by being nailed to a cross as one of the most cruel forms of death that the Romans had devised, and they were known to rate with the highest in causing suffering at that time. Because of Jesus not being who they expected, he was treated more cruelly than most others, being flogged, slapped, insulted, and beaten with a cat of nine tails, having bits of sharp metal on the strands of leather that tore the skin open leaving bruises, scratches, and open bleeding at every lash delivered; up to thirty nine, as forty was said to kill a person. Jesus beard was plucked out leaving bloody and swollen face unrecognisable; as the man they knew.

*Where do you see in a painting or drawing of Jesus on a cross, not having a beard or stripped naked to embarrass him, as soldiers gambled for the clothing that he had worn? Are they trying to ask that you not believe the suffering done in our behalf? The Apostle Luke was supposedly the doctor of the twelve Apostles, but at that time in life, they knew only the healing qualities of plants and herbs and nothing of modern medical technology as in our today’s world. Jesus was the master physician and healer of the day. It is doubtful that Luke knew all that crucifixion involved. But do even We know? Lets examine.

*Crucifixion was devised to promote the most suffering that was possible by experimenting, as the Romans were experts with pain and suffering. Jesus was forced to carry the crossbeam through the city to outside the North City wall to Mt. Calvary, a small hill where a pronounced skull was seen by the rock formation that had eye sockets of a human skull well known to all, and a road nearby; as travellers entered Jerusalem from the North. (This was where the punishment was made visible to show what would become of lawbreakers while in the city.) After Jesus was spit upon, and cursed by the crowds being humiliated as he was escorted by soldiers to the site, he was stripped of his clothing and forced upon the length of the pole mast from a tree that was to support the cross. The cross member was affixed to the main tree mast and Jesus hands were nailed with long spikes at the wrists at the cross member not to be able to be pulled out, or away. Then his knees were slightly bent and his feet were nailed one atop the other at the lower end of the mast, then it was stood upright and dropped into a prepared hole that had been used many time before to hold the cross up, then it was chocked with small stones to hold it erect and sturdy. Imagine the pain of the cross dropping to the bottom of the hole in stone and the sudden stop and excruciating pain at the nails holding the body! Now begins the long painful, agonizing minutes and hours, even days of agony!

*The weight of the body pulls downward on the nails at the hands and all the weight down to the lower torso draws the body downward reducing the size of the chest area restricting the lung capacity to breathe. Without pushing ones self upward, breathing would stop and immediate death by suffocation would occur, but the pain of pushing upward against the nails in the feet were needed to get a breath of fresh air, which only lasted a short time, then must be repeated again. This was why the knees were allowed to be able to push the body upward to get a breath of fresh air. If the arms were above the head this could help lift the body upward, but not when extended outward! Thirst begins to take place, as the mouth becomes dry from loss of blood and in the sun until after Christ’s death; were the skies darkened! The bare flesh on the torn back of Jesus was also scraped against the rough timber of the cross as he pushed himself up to breathe. Every movement only made the pain more evident, and when Jesus saw that the Father above, could not bear to look upon His Son, who had All Our sin in his body suffering in our place this greatly distressed Jesus even more than his physical pain!

Whenever we see even a bare and empty cross, these thoughts should always remind us that we have a redeemer who loved us before we even knew that he existed, before the foundation of the world, seeing as to who we would be when born, with the gifts we could present to our Lord to honor him for All things he has done for us. Seeking to follow the Commandments, laws, ordinances and desires of His heart that we might someday stand before our Lord and Saviour hearing the words, “Well done, my faithful servant” We should follow the example of Jesus to seek and to save the lost and love others as ourself. Looking for that glorious appearing of Jesus our God who died for us that we might live. Dying doesn’t seem so bad to know that we shall receive a new glorified body likened to Jesus’ How can man refuse so great a gift of salvation and go unrewarded? Think of Jesus as Our Saviour and redeemer, our propititiation, [dying in our place], Jesus is our Lord equal with the FATHER in heaven, who loved us before we even realized Him, our personal relation and friend, who desires us knowing Him personally. Thank Him often! Titus 2: 11-15.

Lester Peoples

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