Good mothers

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Good Mothers

by Joshua Arnold

Our good Lord ordained for there to be mothers for His glory. I’m so very thankful for the person my Lord chose in eternity past to be my mother. I thank God for her life.

Jesus Christ is the Lord of Glory. He is the Author of it, and a thing is only as glorious as Christ can be seen in it. The more Christ is seen in a thing, the more glorious it is.

Why is a buzzer beating half-court shot to win the basketball game glorious, making people shout with joy and praise? It is because a glimpse of Christ can be seen in it, because Christ is the ultimate victor, the One who wins as His life ends. This is that true glory of any basketball game victory that is sealed as the game ends.

Why is a delicious meal that fills the stomach and nourishes the body so glorious, especially to a hungry man? It is because a glimpse of Christ can be seen in it. Christ is the heavenly food, the sweet and satisfying bread of life. Christ is the ultimate delicious meal that fills, pleases, and nourishes for eternity, and therefore anything that fills, pleases and nourishes is glorious.

Why is a good mother glorious? It is because a glimpse of Christ can be seen in a good mother. Her motherly instincts, Christ is the Author of them. They are His design. Her love, gentleness, and care are a small glimpse of the love, gentleness and care of Christ.
Although the unbelieving world suppresses the truth of God in unrighteousness, they cannot help but to praise good mothers, which indirectly praises the God they hate.

I thank the Lord for glorifying Himself through good mothers, and I thank Him that He designed what is good for us and glorifying to Him to be inseparable.

Joshua Arnold

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